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What is the right nicotine liquid strength for beginners?

The nicotine liquid requirements are not the same for everybody using the e-cig.  Each individual needs a different concentration of the substance during their cessation period. The requirements needed are variable but they are based on the amount of cigarettes a person smokes in a day. You need to determine if you are a heavy smoker, a moderate one or a light smoker. This will give you an idea of how much e-juice you need so as to avoid the withdrawal symptoms. With the right levels of e-juice a person is able to give up the habit with ease since they do not suffer from any cravings.

Here is a rough estimate of the amounts needed by various individuals;

  • People who smoke half a pack of cigarettes daily or less can start with twelve milligrams or less
  • If you smoke a whole packet of cigarettes each day you need twelve to eighteen milligrams of e-juice
  • A person who smokes more than one pack each day is an addict and should use between twenty-four and thirty-six milligrams of nicotine
  • Some people need different levels of e-juice in the course of the day depending on their smoking habits.

How to estimate how much e-juice you need

It is important for the user to determine how much nicotine their body needs while they are trying to quit smoking. If it is your first time it is advisable for you to purchase a starter kit, it has cartridges that hold different concentrations making it easy for someone to determine which one works for them.  This is the easiest way for someone to determine the right levels of e-juice needed.

Someone can also decide to purchase their e-cigarette and the e-liquid separately. This means that they need to learn how to fill the cartridges. The process is simple but there are some people who have a hard time with it at the beginning. This is not advisable since a person may stock up on e-juice that is too strong for them or a flavor that they cannot stand. The starter kit has various types of samples and atomizers of different strengths that someone can use to find out what their preferences are.

Reducing the nicotine strengths needed

Once a person is used to smoking the e-cigarette they can decrease the strength of the e-juice that they use gradually. The best time for someone to start reducing the concentration of their e-juice is after they have completely given up the tobacco cigarettes. Some people just use it to stop their nicotine dependency, in such cases you can reduce the strength of the e-juices on a weekly basis. It can become quiet hard for someone to stop using the e-cigarette.

There are some people who need different levels of concentrations at different times of the day. In such cases someone is advised to have e-liquids of different concentrations at hand. Medical professionals advise people to smoke less nicotine before going to bed because someone is unable to get a good night’s sleep.

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