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What Is A Vape?

As more people read the latest statistics about the dangers of cigarette smoking, more are turning to vaping. Its a trendy way to smoke and even new smokers are jumping on the band wagon to try vaping over smoking. What is a vape you may ask, Lets examine this carefully.

Electronic cigarettes were designed to help remove some of the dangers of cigarette smoking. Regular cigarettes have over 4000 chemicals in them and electronic cigarettes have only 4 to 5 different ingredients in them.

A vape is another name for an electronic cigarette. Just like cigarettes are called butts, smokes, coffin pins or nails and the like, a vape is another name for the newer electronic cigarettes (or e-cigs) that are cropping up all over the place.

Another added bonus to vaping is that you can do it anywhere, even if regular cigarettes arent allowed to be smoked there. This is a huge boon to smokers everywhere who desire to smoke without having to go outside in the elements.

Vaping uses less nicotine than a regular cigarettes and is thus believed to be a healthier alternative. When someone chooses to use an electronic cigarette they are said to be vaping.

The vaping is the act of drawing the liquid into the lungs (as with a puff off of a regular cigarette) and exhaling. It creates a vapor (thus vaping) that at first glance appears quite similar to that of the smoke when smoking.

However, the vapor isnt at all toxic to those around you. There is no specific odor like when someone is exhaling a cigarette and the variety of flavors can only add to the experience for smokers.

Since there are no harmful fumes, it is legal (unless otherwise specified in an establishment) to vape in public. Many are finding this a great comfort in face of all of the new anti smoking policies in public places.

There are a variety of vaping devices that are available and they come in all price ranges. They dont look like a regular cigarette at all.

There are some that appear as if they are a pen and others are larger. All of them run on rechargeable batteries that can readily be plugged in. Many people ask a person what is a vape when they are holding one.

When vaping, users have the option of purchasing various flavors for their taste that are already prepared. They can also create their own. This allows users to completely customize their vape and choose the flavor that they desire by mixing and matching flavors.

While some stores wont create flavors most will gladly combine 2 or 3 flavors and allow users to create their own. Many users combine two or three flavors and create their own unique version. They purchase these from specialty stores that specialize in selling e cigarettes.

The liquids go a step further and allow the user to choose the levels of nicotine. They can choose from 0 milligrams of nicotine all the way up to 24 milligrams of nicotine.

This is great for anyone who is trying to stop smoking. They can gradually taper down without losing the flavor or the experience of smoking that they have come to love and depend upon.

The vape unit itself will help the user to regulate the levels of nicotine as well. Additionally, users can select from PG or VG or a combination of both in their liquid.

What is PG?

PG is the propylene glycol that is in the liquids to help create the vapor.

What is VG?

The VG is the vegetable glycerin that is in the liquid to help create the vapor.

These can be chosen from all VG to partial VG with some PG added in. Its all up to the users preference.

The VG is a thicker liquid and will give more flavor, however, it also gives less of a throat hit (the sensation that carries the flavor to the back of the throat).

VG produces more of a vapor and is much preferred for this reason. People seem to prefer more vapor when they are vaping and the vegetable glycerin is much healthier than the propylene glycol.

People often choose to vape in order to reduce the amount of regular cigarette smoke they are taking into their bodies. There is no right or wrong reason to choose vaping over a regular cigarette and many who vape choose to gradually taper themselves off of regular cigarettes by using a vape device.

Again, since cigarettes have over 4000 chemicals in them and a vape has only 4 or 5, they are considered much safer. A vape has the VG and sometimes PG as well, along with the nicotine, flavor and sometimes distilled water (if it needs to be thinned down any).

Since theses liquids can be readily created its easy to create your own liquids at a commercial store. When considering what is a vape many choose to use the more modern term of vape and design their own e liquids as well.

Its the latest trend or vogue and as more people are becoming health aware they are turning to alternative methods to enjoy their former pleasures.

As more people are discovering vaping they are turning to it for a new sense of pleasure. Designing their own flavors and even going so far as to select vape devices that are as individual as they are it seems to be the trend of the future.

Prices vary for vape units and when considering a vape many want something that looks very personalized. Vaping is a great way to reduce the intake of tar and nicotine and help get a person back on the right path to a healthier lifestyle.

Vape shops are in most larger cities and many smaller ones and easy to find. What is a vape? Its a new trend of smoking that just may put cigarettes out of business. If youre seeking a way to stop smoking, you may wish to look into vaping as a way to improve your health.

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