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VaporFi formerly Vapozone Company Profile

International Vapor Group, Inc , owned subsidiary VaporFi serves the very need of the passionate e cigarette community. Whether it’s an e smoking newbie or a connoisseur everyone simply adores the personal vaporizers and the most high tech electronic cigarettes of the company. Highly experienced innovators of VaporFi give an edge to their products that stands it apart from its sagacious competitors. In the lame performing market of e cigs VaporFi amassed an unswerving base owing to higher standard, ameliorated products, high caliber alternatives and ripping customer service. VaporFi or Vaporzone(previously called) pamper their devotees by-

  • Courteous transaction that ensures top priority for customer satisfaction
  • Customized flavor palate –The flavor array is huge and allows the habitué the flexibility of choice of e liquids flavor profile.
  • Six distinctive line of e cigarette vaporizer including, VaporFi Air, VaporFI Express, VaporFi Pro, VaporFi Jet, VaporFi Pulse and VaporFi Rebel, the most intriguing products of the extravagant e cigarette industry.
  • America tailored smoke juice-The nicotine e liquid is nurtured in USA with highest manufacturing and potency standards. The ‘USP Grade Kosher’’ is incorporated in the liquid base. The glycerin is pure without injection of impurities.
  • Purchase of the product is expedient and propitious as shopping online or through retail stores both are great.

Vaporfi Distinctive Ecig Vaporizers

Eulogize worth your penny?

VaporZone was established in 2013 with the vision to support and motivate smokers to convert to a healthier alternative of ‘’Vaping’’. VaporZone E Liquids, Batteries, Accessories, Electronic Cigarettes, Atmoizers and other brands including, Kangertech, Kamry and Hangsnen are widely accepted by the audiences. VaporZone offers everything an e smoker cherishes for the most authentic and pleasurable e smoking drive. As e cigarettes are the best socially accepted and a healthier alternative to combat the nicotine fix the e cigarette industry has burgeoned. Legally e cigarettes are given much more acceptance as they are cleaner, healthier and odorless substitute of peril smoking. The acclaim of e cigarettes has revolutionary reduced the pitfalls of smoking. Vaporfi patron’s relish a huge array of customized e cigarette devices and more than 30,000 distinctive nicotine flavor combinations.

Franchising-A good abstraction

International Vapor Group, a South Florida based company recently postulated franchising opportunity for the Vapor Zone Brand. Since the genesis of International Vapor Group in 2007 in United States, the e cigarette industry has shown tremendous growth. The health awareness, public acceptance and advancement in technology has provided E Cig industries room to amplify, from minute retail outlets to the conventional ‘’brick and mortar stores’’. International Vapor Group and its subsidiary Vapor Zone have pioneered the trend of palpable e cigarette establishment. This Miami based e Cigarette Company opened new doors for the entrepreneurs exhorted to indulge in this pell-mell industry.

The Franchise stores of Vapor Zone will accommodate the similar merchandise and trademark features of Vapor Zone principal store in Miami, Florida. Alternative smoking devices and custom e liquid whisking bar for all budgets and with adequate level of expertise will register its presence in its nascent franchise stores. Franchisees will be rendered ongoing support and onsite training comprehending aid in store format and hunting for the right location.

The revenue sharing program of IVG will benefit the franchisees from online sales of their particular area. Nick Molina, CEO of Vapor Zone boosts of their achievement and believes in the statistic of financial experts across the world who has admitted that this burgeoning industry will outshine $10 billion by 2017 in annual revenue. He believes that franchising opportunities will further ameliorate the existing competitions.IVG the parent company of Vapor Zone manufacture their own devices apart from being just retailers. The efficient management team and CEO of the company have expertise owing to years of victorious experience in establishing franchise outlets at malls, shopping centers and buildings.They have something exotic –‘Vapor Shops’

If you are a purveyor, affectionate user or a hobbyist, VaporFi locations are truly a whole lot of experience for you. Vapor Bar is truly imposing and the skilled vape tenders make the experience more thrilling. The vape friendly environment, custom blends and personal vaporizers make the escapade more cherish able. Miami is a popular vaping ‘Hotspot’.

The Future of new age ‘Smoking’’

International Vapor Group, the parent company of VaporFi is a leading marketer, distributor and manufacturer of the top e cigarettes, devices, accessories, e liquids and cartridges. Just a handful of companies are driven by the passion, resources and expertise that VaporFi upholds.IVG designs and manufactures very powerhouse products. With the popularity of electronic cigarettes IVG has also set its mark. Convenience stores and distributor have all the latest electronic cigarettes product stock to cater the needs of e smokers.

Vaporfi Advanced Vapors

Million of Smokers are treated very differently and often chastised for their habit, but Vapor Zone and IVG provide a healthier alternative to the smoking community.IVG is seeking retail partners and distributors to solidify and further expand its mission to transform the lives of tobacco smokers. There are innumerable companies and brands in the market that incorporate inferior products. International Vapor Group has been a very integral part of the evolution of electronic cigarettes since its inception.
Every individual associated with VaporFi works with the passion the company embodies that is a positive impact e cigarettes can bring to the lives of smokers across the world.IVG currently renders 10 flavors including, Pina Colada, Coffee, Cherry, Chocolate, Vanilla, Menthol, Tobacco Gold , Classic Tobacco and Peach cartridges in a profile of four nicotine levels.IVG constantly seeks established distributors and retailers globally and nationally to expand the business.IVG is very keen to get in touch with leading wholesalers in the industry for more wholesale opportunities.

The electronic cigarette industry is mushrooming and shows no signs of relax. Retailers, wholesalers and distributors are coming forward to capitalize on the soaring market. On the other side, researches have shown positive reports on the impact of e cigarettes on human health, nature and behavior that further strengthens its pace.

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