Vapesox Juice PouchIf you don’t know about Vapesox, they’re a Made in America company that supplies some of the best vape cases on the market. Mechanical mod cases, box mod cases, you name it.

Today we’re looking at the Vapesox Juice Pouch.

This really is a product you have to get in your hands to truly understand the quality of it. It just feels nice. The one I have in my hands right now the Silver Matrix version. It has a wonderful texture to it. The diamond patterned material feels great but more importantly, it’s durable. Anytime you get durable and stylish, that’s a win.

You get a D-Ring clip on the outside that lets you attach it to a backpack strap, carabiner or whatever other attaching thingamajig you have.

As far as size goes, it’s large but it’s lightweight. Closed, it measures at about 11″ Long, 4-1/4″ Wide and 1″ high. It’s Vapesox Juice Pouch – Silver Matrix not really something to take with you when you’re just going out for a drive, or anything like that. But it holds 10 bottles of juice so it’s perfect for taking all of your juice to the office or vacation where you can transfer the e-Liquid you want to vape on to something more portable like your pocket. But it allows you the convenience of having more e-Juice options to choose from instead of just taking one or two bottles with you.

The Vapesox Juice Pouch closes with velcro and it sure is tough. You’ll never have to worry about it opening up on you.

Once it’s opened up, you have 2 rows of 5 elastic bands to keep your e-Liquid secure and you can tell they put some thought into the design: the elastic bands are staggered so the bottles interlock. The bands are almost 2″ high so you don’t need to worry about your juice coming loose and wiggling free. You won’t be able to fit in large 30mL bottles, but I was able to get in a 20mL bottle of Kalari. Standard round bottles of 15mL liquid fit like a glove and stay secure.

Overall, it’s an awesome case. The Vapesox Juice Pouch does exactly what it’s supposed to do which is hold juice and offer some protection to help prevent bottles from breaking. This isn’t a case you carry around with you all the time, it’s a way to transport all of your juices so you don’t have to just pick one or two bottles to take with you somewhere. And I can’t stress this enough, as far as quality goes, I haven’t seen better in its price range that’s also made in America.

The pouches come in 4 different styles: Black Cordura, Blue Matrix, Silver Matrix and Chocoloate Faux Leather.

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