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Tobacco Flavors

E-juice tobacco flavors are those that most resemble the taste of an actual cigarette. As a veteran e-cig user, I highly recommend tobacco flavors. They give a more authentic experience. I personally dont get the joy of using flavors that taste like apples and oranges. Its just weird to me.

The brand I use to get my tobacco flavors is V2 Cigs. It offers four flavors: Congress, V2 Red, Sahara, and Menthol. Furthermore, it retails its stuff, which I swear is the best-juice on the market, in sizes of 25mL and 50mL. The prices are fair, the flavors are delicious and there are plenty of discount options available.

Congress Tobacco Flavor

I live for this flavor. It is ironic, because I am a huge politics fan. But anyway. I am not so good at describing sensations, but others who use this e-juice flavor say it has a sweet but blunt flavor thats similar to the tobacco flavor of Marlboro Lights and Parliament Lights.

I have tried quite a few different flavors and brands over the years. None of them compare to V2 Cigs Congress. None of them. It has a very distinctive taste that pleases me. And everybody who I have recommended it too has winded up feeling the exact same way.

Make sure you use my coupon, SMOKEWITHOUTFEAR15, to save yourself 15%. Like I said, its my personal favorite, and I recommend the hell out of it!

V2 Red Tobacco Flavor

This flavor is more sweet. People who use it daily describe it as being equivalent to Marlboro Reds, Basics, Dorals and Lucky Strikes. I personally dont like this e-juice flavor because it feels far too strong for me.

I still recommend you start with Congress. However, if you think its too light, then give V2 Reds a chance.

Sahara Tobacco Flavor

This is the best e-juice flavor for Camel smokers. It offers whats described as a rich middle-eastern blend that gives the type of tobacco overtone and rough sensation that Camel smokers are accustomed to.

Menthol Tobacco Flavor

Menthol is for all you Newport smokers out there. Those who use it say it tastes almost exactly the same as Newport. I personally cannot stand any form of mint, so I have not tried it myself. However, V2 produces the highest-quality menthol e-juice in the business, so there you go.


The best e-juice flavor, in my opinion, is Congress. I still highly suggest you give it a try. I am smoking it right now, and I love it!

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