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The Best Flavors For DIY E-Juice

Best DIY E-Liquid Flavors

E-juice makers around the world are going to have specific requirements as to which flavor they wish to put together. It is difficult to pick the right choice and then source these ingredients from the proper supplier. To ensure this process does not become taxing, it is essential to first pinpoint the best flavors for DIY e-juice and where to get them from. This will make sure those who are treading down this road are going to make appropriate choices rather than hoping they had focused on something else instead.

Vendors To Consider

Lets imagine you have pinpointed which supplies are going to be needed to move forward. It is time to now focus on the vendor form which you are going to obtain these chosen supplies. Without the right vendor, you are going to be stuck in a horrible position where all approaches are going to be wasteful.


This is one of the worlds best DIY e-juice flavors you are going to get the chance of trying and making. The reason for this being well regarded comes down to it being water soluble and perfect for vaping purposes.

Why take the risk with something that is not going to taste as good as it should be? When doing it on your own, you will want something as close to the real deal as possible, if not better. This is what you will get with apple and that is hard to beat.

Apple is easy on the throat and is going to pack the type of quality, you are in search of. The best part about this flavor comes down to it being easy to recreate as long as you follow the recipe to a tee.

Black Walnut

This is one of those unique flavors, which are underrated until a person tries to put it together. This one is easy to put together and tastes as great as you might think. Black walnut has a luxurious undertone to it, which is creamy and filling. You are going to love every second of it as soon as you get your hands on it. This is another water soluble solution, which is going to make you want more and more as time goes on.

Black walnut is the way to go for those who are trying to expand their boundaries, while making it at home. DIY flavorings dont have to be rigid with regards to how far you can take things. Mix it up and watch as the results come out in your favor. This is why black walnut is appreciated as a wonderful option.


Continuing with the trend of trying something unique and powerful, the champagne flavor is going to get your palette yearning for more. This is one of those flavors, which is loved by one and all, not just champagne lovers.

There is a sense of exoticness to these flavors, which are hard to beat and are going to make you enjoy the overall experience. This is one of those flavors, which is going to pleasantly sit in the throat and provide the type of impact you are looking for. It has a certain balance to it, which is hard to find in this day and age.


Searching for something exotic, yet easy to recreate? The last thing a person wants is to go through all the hard work of finding suppliers and sourcing the ingredients only to end up with a dud. This happens from time to time, but those who are worried about this should deliberate over coconut.

This is a delightful option, which is going to leave you loving the process and what it lead to. Coconut is a subtle yet delightful flavor and is highly regarded in the DIY market. The construction of this ingredient makes it easy to put together.


Who doesnt like drinking cola from time to time? It might even bring you back to your childhood. If that is the case, you are going to adore the idea of being able to recreate the flavor at home and get as close as you can to the real deal.

This is one of the best flavors in the DIY market because of how it is able to bring back memories. Plus, even adults love a bit of cola here and there! This is one of those options, which are going to bring a smile to your face.

Cotton Candy

This is continuing with the theme being constructed here in the world of best DIY e-juice flavorings. You should not be forcing yourself to go with standard options and one of the wackiest choices, which are going to taste great comes in the form of cotton candy.

Remember going to the carnival and/or local fair to get cotton candy? It was an experience most people enjoyed and would love to experience again. This can be reproduced at home with e-juice flavoring.

It is sweet and elegant unlike other flavorings you are going to get your hands on. The overall quality of this flavor makes it a real winner.


This might be the sweetest e-juice flavor you will be able to create at home with the right ingredients. It has the consistency and delicate undertones you are in search of with an e-juice flavor. This is simple to recreate and is going to ensure you dont have to go with a sour flavor instead.

The number one reason for this coming on top of the market has to do with its sweetness and gentle nature. The flavor is not going to hit the throat hard and the flavor is going to leave a lasting sensation that is hard to describe until you give it a shot.


Lets move into another fruit flavor and why it is one of the best on the market right now. Cranberry is often undervalued because it does not have the overall appeal other flavors do. Yet, when done right this is as good as it gets.


The final flavor is a common favorite because most people have mangoes listed as their favorite fruit. If that is you, mango e-juice flavoring is the way to go for your DIY needs. This is appreciated because it is sweet and delicate as required. Yet, if you mix things up a bit, you could get a more powerful mango tango experience. It is all about finding a balance and this flavor is going to give you more room to get creative. This is why you have to find the best recipe as well.

It is critical to go to the best vendor on the market and obtain proper supplies to create these flavors as desired.

The best vendors at this point in time include the likes of RTS Vapes, Vaperstek, and EcigExpress. Consider all of these options while making a decision.

These are truly the best flavors on the market right now according to DIY e-juice makers. Using the right sources and getting picture-perfect flavors does not have to be near impossible as some might assume. There are many individuals who feel it is difficult to attain proper flavoring, which starts to take away from the experience as a whole. This does not have to be the case as long as you are focused on the task at hand. With the use of professional directions and meticulous attention to detail, anyone can put together the perfect flavor and provide their taste buds with something to enjoy.

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