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Swirly Pop by Mad Scientist Vapor

Among the bottles that were sent over for review from Mad Scientist Vapor were both a mentholated version, and the standard version of their take on the classic, rainbow colored, big-as-your-head lollipops, Swirly Pop. The flavors used by MSV here are fairly accurate in that they are all extremely candy like nature, and as a result, they are all quite sweet, while still maintaining a certain sense of lightness about them, so the overall vape doesn’t seem weighed down by a sticky saccherine sweetness. The dominant flavors used by MSV seem to be the same cherry they use in Katy Perry’s Cherry, as well as a candy pineapple that tastes a bit like white LifeSavers. The two candied fruits present immediately on the inhale with the bright, sweet fruitiness meeting a very realistic whipped cream flavor that reinforces the lollipop flavor, on the exhale and finish.

I’m not sure exactly why that works so well, but as soon as the whipped cream blends with the fruits, the unmistakable flavor of those giant lollipops presents, almost perfectly. The cream also gives the vape a bit more body, something that has been lacking in the previous two flavors I reviewed from them. While both Katy Perry’s Cherry and Eat a Peach were good, neither had the same depth of flavor as Swirly Pop, which presents with a bit more substance, and demonstrates juicing skills beyond a single fruit e-liquid. Of the three Mad Scientist e-liquids that I’ve tasted so far, Swirly Pop, is without question, their most complex flavor, but even still, it does seem to lack the complexity that some of the veteran vendors pack into their dynamic, effortlessly layered blends.

All said, this juice is tasty enough, but a contrasting undertone for all the sweet candy-like fruity flavors would add a greater depth. The whipped cream is a very nice touch, but hints of sour or tart, might be what’s lacking, as the sweetness can be a bit overpowering after vaping Swirly Pop for extended periods.

The mentholated version of Swirly Pop is easily identifiable as the very same juice with a good dose of menthol added in. This is a pure, true menthol rather than the icy cold, flavorless Koolada, so it does add a minty, mentholated element to the flavor profile. It works fairly well with these sweet candy flavors, lending the profile a sense of the crisp and refreshing, as well as some additional throat hit.

On the Provari/510 dripper, I found both the straight and mentholated versions of this juice to have a sweet spot of 8.8w or 4.7v on a 2.5Ω atty. You can add a little more heat to the menthol version of Swirly Pop without offsetting the balance, but the flavors do begin to degrade a bit at 9.5 watts. While both versions of the juice boast very impressive vapor production, throat hit is mild in the regular version but receives a huge boost from the addition of menthol. Both versions hold up quite well under high wattage. I ran them through a Nemesis/Helios rig built with dual 28ga Kanthal coils at .5Ω on 2mm Ekowool and the flavors had no issues keeping up with the additional wattage that the sub-Ω coils produced.

The menthol does, as one would expect, become quite a bit stronger from the additional heat, producing a more mentholated profile, as well as a stronger throat hit, but otherwise, flavor remains constant.

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