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SMPL Juice Orchard Fresh Eliquid Review

I remember last summer I experimented ever so slightly on the typical apple pear juice by adding a twist of kiwi to it. Oh my! I sure did love the refreshing kind of flavor it brought. If I remember  correctly, the juice had a slight strawberry ting to it. Apparently, my experiment actually has a real vape juice version. And I’m giddy excited to give it a try, see if which has a better flavor. You can check the eliquid at SMPL Juice.

“Orchard Fresh Eliquid brings you to an oasis of freshness! An abundance of apple from a distant orchard with freshly sliced kiwi and pear.”

This juice absolutely has a straightforward blend of apple, pear, and kiwi. On the inhale, you will notice the pear undertone that is just beneath the subtle apple tart taste. I have always loved the combination of apple and pear, and this sensation feels like heaven to me. Then on the exhale, the blend is added with a delicious and incredible twist of kiwi, giving an awesome taste that will definitely leave you craving for more. The taste is absolutely refreshing and thirst-quenching. This is perfect on those hot summer days.

Orchard Fresh eliquid is a blend of 70% vegetable glycerin and 30% propylene glycol. Clouds are huge, puffy, dense, and linger for quite a while. It can fill any room with an orchard type of fresh scent clouds in no time! Imagine yourself in front of an acre-wide orchard, the fresh air you are breathing from there is like the scent that leaks out from this bottle. Vapor is smooth, pleasant, and excellent.

This vape juice gives a nice throat hit you will surely enjoy. No feeling of any nose tingling sensation, coughing, or spluttering as the nicotine hit is light enough just to let you know it is there. It will also not leave any weird or chemical-like taste in your mouth. Moreover, this is a pretty clean vape so this will not gunk up your coil or atomizer.

There are three nicotine strength options available for the Orchard Fresh Eliquid. The 0 mg version contains no nicotine at all. It is for vapers who have no urge to satisfy any nicotine craving. Usually, these are people who just enjoy the taste or the “act” of vaping itself. Meanwhile, the 3 mg and 6 mg levels are sufficient for very light or “social smokers.” They are usually preferred by people who only vape after a meal or with a cup of coffee. Of note, there is no concrete answer as to what level you should begin. Through my months of vaping, I have learned it is more of what you prefer or what goal you want to attain.

Orchard Fresh eliquid comes in 120 mil chubby gorilla plastic bottles. It has a child-resistant cap to avoid kids-related accidents and a narrow needle tip to easily squeeze the ejuice out into any dripper and atomizer. Wrapped around the bottle is the label with a refreshing color appeal. The background of the label is designed with irregularly shaped red, yellow, and green triangles, which clearly are the colors of its fruit flavor. It also bears the brand name “SMPL”, flavor name “Orchard Fresh”, nicotine level, and size. Other relevant information like the manufacturing date and expiration date can be found on the sides.

You can get your own Orchard Fresh bottle for as low as $15! This sure is a sweet deal offered by SMPL Juice right there. Its flavor is undeniably tasty, vapor/cloud production awesome, all-day vape perfect, presentation nice and clean, and price affordable. If you are hunting for a good vape juice deal with premium quality and cheap price, then this is your heaven-sent answer to that.

SMPL Juice is out to break the norm with its very ‘SMPL’ objective. The company, which has been in the vape juice business for over 5 years, wants to provide premium quality flavors in large bottles for a very pocket-friendly price “even your grandpa can swallow.” Other than that, it also aims to offer top notch customer service, fresh giveaways, some swag, and more. The company has a wide array of flavors to choose from. Visit its site now.

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