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Seven 17.5ml Bottles ~ 122.5ml Premium Pack for $18!

Seven Flavors – Seven Chakras. The perfect delightful package composition with tasteful clarity that is Rich, Smooth, and Creamy… Taste the delicate notes of decadence!!

Choose seven of any of our twenty-one flavors. You might find that it is hard to put the ecigarette down with this flavorful symphony of astonishment.

Seven 17.5ml Bottles ~ 122.5ml equivalent;

[wpsm_tabgroup] [wpsm_tab title=”FLAVOR #1″]

Frosted Snaps (Cinnamon Bakery).[/wpsm_tab][wpsm_tab title=”FLAVOR #2″]Frosted Snaps (Cinnamon Bakery).[/wpsm_tab][wpsm_tab title=”FLAVOR #3″] [/wpsm_tab][wpsm_tab title=”FLAVOR #4″]

[/wpsm_tab][wpsm_tab title=”FLAVOR #5″][/wpsm_tab][wpsm_tab title=”FLAVOR #6″][/wpsm_tab][wpsm_tab title=”FLAVOR #7″][/wpsm_tab][/wpsm_tabgroup]

Nicotine (mg/mL)

  • 0 (mg)
  • 1.5 (mg)
  • 3 (mg)
  • 4.5 (mg)
  • 6 (mg)
  • 7.5 (mg)
  • 9 (mg)
  • 10.5 (mg)
  • 12 (mg)
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All of the e-liquid is Max VG



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