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Review: Kringle’s Curse (70VG) from Halo

Where flavorings are concerned, the term peppermint can mean different things to different people. People are accustomed to breathing mints, and candy canes think of peppermint as-as strong flavor with plenty of cooling menthol, while mint tea lovers think of peppermint as more mild and herbal. With it’s over the top peppermint flavor and a healthy helping of menthol, Halos Kringles Curse e-liquid falls into the first category.

Tasting Kringles Curse, my immediate reaction was that it had quite a bit of menthol so much, in fact, that the great throat hit present in Halos 18 mg e-liquids was masked a bit. Once the coolness of the menthol began to fade, though, the slight ache in my lungs reminded me that I was vaping some powerful stuff.

I did a quick A-B test against Volcano Menthol Burst to see if I had a new super menthol champion on my hands, but it turns out that Kringles Curse has significantly less menthol than Volcanos offering. The volcano remains king of the super menthols for now.

Halos approach to a peppermint e-liquid is quite nice. It’s the strongest tasting of any peppermint e-liquid I’ve had to date, and I think that Halo may have utilized a bit of natural peppermint oil or extract in addition to the great artificial candy cane flavor.

Although it isn’t a dead ringer for mint tea like Virgin Vapors Peppermint Chill, I don’t think that’s what Halo was going for with Kringles Curse. It also lacks the horrible chemical flavor that I’ve tasted in some mint e-liquids.

Kringles Curse has a bit in common with CoolMist, another menthol/mint blend from Halo. However, while CoolMist is very sweet and mild, Kringles Curse is less sweet and more intense. I think its the better of the two.

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