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Prime Vaping Peach Tobacco

Georgia-based Prime Vaping is not a new e-liquid company. In fact, they’ve been around since 2010, but I only recently discovered this e-liquid vendor famous for creating flavors from its natural tobacco extracts.

Jonathan at Prime Vaping was kind enough to send me a few review samples, and if their Peach Tobacco flavor is any indication, this is a company to be reckoned.

Ill is taking a break from the norm today and reviewing Prime Vaping Peach Tobacco on my Innokin iTaste VV with a Tidy cartomizer set to five volts.

Tasting this e-liquid, I immediately get a prominent peach flavor that reminds me very much of a peach pipe tobacco that I used to enjoy sometimes buying from my local Tinder Box.

Unlike some of the peach flavors I’ve tasted in e-liquids, this one doesn’t remind me of candy; it tastes more like dried peaches.

While the peach flavor does add a fair bit of sweetness to Prime Vaping Peach Tobacco, the sweetness is counterbalanced nicely by the potent 18 mg nicotine hit.

The tobacco flavor is way in the background here, adding flavor notes of butter, caramel, and ash. Combined with the peppery taste of the nicotine, this e-liquid succeeds in giving the impression of a somewhat realistic tobacco flavor. Although pipe lovers probably won’t find Prime Vaping Peach tobacco realistic enough to eliminate the occasional nostalgic recollections of past bowls of peach tobacco, it’ll definitely get you part of the way there.

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