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Mt. Baker Vapor White Out

PG/VG- 50/50

MBV has quite a following due to their rock bottom pricing, and while many of the juices I’ve reviewed from them have performed about average, there was one juice that did quite well, and one that for all intents and purposes, bombed. Their White Out sounds interesting on paper, the website describes it as being similar to a white tic-tac, but I was curious as to how well the flavors would play out inside of an atomizer, and I have to admit, I was somewhat impressed with the result.

The white tic-tac analogy is rather fitting, as the juice is mainly composed of mint, peppermint to be precise, and anise. What I found particularly intriguing about the flavor are the subtle nuances that manage to poke thru the peppermint and anise. There is a very slight note of vanilla on the front on the front of the vape with something that hints at a fruity element on the finish, but the overall profile of MBV’S White Out is surprisingly subdued for a minty juice with very little of the chilly mouthfeel that can be found in some of their more intense mint/menthol e-liquids like the ever popular Extreme Ice.

The anise here is well utilized and compliments the sweet mint quite nicely. In my standard review set-up, a Provari with a Vapage AMG atomizer, the juice is good, but not great, and maxes out at a sweet spot just short of 10.5 watts (5.1v on a 2.5 OHM atty) before the throat hit gets a bit scratchy. If you have a mech mod and an RBA dripper to vape White Out, however, the juice opens up with a sub-ohm coil and a fresh battery.

With that being said however, these reviews are all comparing different juice, using the same set-up, and at 10-10.5 watts, the maximum heat this juice can withstand in a standard 510 dripper, it’s crisp and fresh with a subtle sweetness, but overall, only slightly above average. The same can be said for the accompanying throat hit and vapor Production, good, but far short of exceptional.

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