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Mt. Baker Vapor Udderly Nuts

PG/VG- 50/50

After a working my way through a couple of Mt. Baker Vapor’s juices with relatively good results, I was anxious to get started on one of their more complex flavors. I decided to go with a flavor I hadn’t tasted before from any other vendor, a peanut butter milkshake flavor called Udderly Nuts. I had heard, on various forums, that this juice requires ample stepping and in that regard, I gave it a little over six weeks with plenty of intermittent breathing time, tasting a drop or two here and there to assess it progresses before beginning the review.

After not seeing any significant transformation, I tried two separate hot water baths as other have used with moderate success in accelerating the steeping process. Regardless of how much time or what steeping method I used, the flavor of this juice goes through only a minor transformation at best, and the final result isn’t one that resembles a peanut butter milkshake to any notable degree. There is a hint of dry, roasted peanut butter flavor presenting on the exhale and finish, but the major player in the profile is a plain buttered popcorn. What I find most interesting is that if the label on my bottle read “Buttered Popcorn,” I would say this juice is almost spot-on and quite tasty, but as for peanut butter milkshake, I only don’t taste it. The mild flavor on the inhale might be mistaken for nutty as it does have the same earthy notes, but it’s quite a bit closer to popcorn than peanut butter. The backside also has a touch of creaminess like a milkshake flavor might, but the actual flavor is much closer to butter than a milk and ice cream blend. The butter flavor does come off a bit artificial, similar to the yellow goop that passes for butter at movie theaters everywhere, only slightly creamier.

The overall profile is primarily the flavor of ‘buttered popcorn’ candy, taffy and jelly beans…tasty? Sure, but a long way from anything that resembles a peanut butter milkshake. As far as the density of flavor is concerned, it’s loaded with flavor, just not peanut butter milkshake flavor, and while there is the slight hint of creamy peanut butter on the finish, it’s certainly not the dominating player in the profile. Both throat hit and vapor production clock in the right around average.

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