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Mt. Baker Vapor Extreme Ice

PG/VG- 50/50

One of the vaping forums I frequent regularly is all abuzz with praise for MBV, and after a fairly good performance from MBV’s Moo Juice, a Strawberry Milk Shake flavored vape, I decided to move on to something a bit more basic, their Extreme Ice, a flavor that most vendors stock under a variety of different monikers.

The general idea here is a simple menthol/ice component taken to the maximum level, while still retaining a pleasurable experience. Most flavors that are given the “ice” name tend to be free of the minty flavors associated with menthol e-liquids and only contain a component that provides the same cooling sensation without the “green” flavors. MBV’s Extreme Ice however has both a very chilly ice component as well as the minty flavor one would normally expect in a chewing gum, a breath mint, or even toothpaste. It’s very lightly sweetened, if at all, providing a very intense, very cold menthol blast with a flavor profile that blends a light touch of spearmint with the expected peppermint overtones of naturally derived menthol crystals. While not the coldest “ice” based juice I’ve tasted or reviewed, this one is downright chilly with a long, cold finish that lingers for minutes between vapes.

As with any intensely flavored menthol e-liquid, the amount of cold minty flavor, as well as throat hit and vapor production are entirely dependent upon just how much heat you give it. While the minty flavors remain true upwards of 12 watts, I preferred to vape this one closer to 8.5-9.0 watts or 4.6-4.7v on a 2.5O atomizer which delivers plenty of crisp, cool, minty vapor with as well as the stiff throat hit that one might expect from a juice of this nature.

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