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Mt. Baker Vapor Berry Creamy

PG/VG- 50/50

I’ve already been through more than a few of the bottles that MBV submitted for review, with mixed results. While only one has performed far below what I consider to be average, none have wowed me with complex, exquisitely balanced flavor profiles either. With my first taste of their Berry Creamy, I thought this juice might be the one that was going to change that.

The flavors were big, bright, and downright juicy, but as I continued to vape it, on and off for a few days, the profile gained greater definition and while the flavors remained good, the Berry Creamy e-juice from MBV is not entirely without issues, but we’ll get to those in just a moment, right after a quick rundown of the individual components of the flavor profile. As the name implies, it’s a fairly standard mixed berry (blueberry, raspberry, strawberry) and cream blend with a heavy emphasis on the candy side of those fruity flavors.

The overall profile is relatively simple and straightforward with the berry and cream coming together in a single, cohesive flavor that is unchanging from the inhale to the finish. While MBV doesn’t utilize a particularly rich cream flavor, it still manages to do a fairly good job of softening the acidity from the berries and creating a rich, full mouthfeel. That being said, however, after this one is vaped for an extended period, two things become abundantly clear. First off the juice is sweet, exceedingly sweet without even a hint of sour or twang that would add a much needed additional dimension to the profile.

For those that favor sweet fruity flavors, this may not be too much of an issue, but the sticky sweetness doesn’t allow for any real balance in the profile, only the same repetitive sugary flavor, that could easily be considered by some to be saccharine. The second issue is a faint bitter overtone on the back end and finish of the profile. This taste, in all likelihood, is a result of too much sweetener being added to the juice. It’s possible the mild chemical flavor originates in the base liquids or nicotine itself, an issue that has come up in some other flavors I’ve tasted from MBV, I suspect this juice is heavily dosed, with sucralose (Splenda) which, when used in excess, can lead to these types of flavor issues.

While the off flavor is not overpowering, in fact it’s barely noticeable right off the bat or when vaped only here and there, if you plan on filling a tank or dripping for extended period of time, it can be quite difficult to overlook. For those who enjoy fruit forward, intensely sweetened juice, you could certainly do a whole lot worse than MBV’s Berry Creamy, but be warned, it doesn’t get much sweeter than this. I preferred this juice just short of 9 watts or 4.7v on a 2.5O atty which keeps all the berry and cream flavor big, bright, and smooth. While this yields very little in the throat hit department, it does produce a nice big plume of vapor.

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