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Mister-E-Liquid Watermelon Dream

PG/VG- 67/33

With so much watermelon based e-juice out there, it’s fairly rare to run into anything particularly unique in the range, in that most are simple variations on the two principal themes, natural watermelon, and the candied versions.

Mister-E-Liquid’s Watermelon Dream, however, adds something unexpected in a watermelon e-juice, a touch of cream that brings to the melon flavor the same qualities that it adds to Creamsicles when it’s blended with a sweet orange flavor. The watermelon that composes the majority of the juice is clearly of the candy variety, tasting, in all respects, like a watermelon Jolly Rancher, although a bit more of it wouldn’t hurt.

The sticky sweetness and mild acidity of the flavor, combined with the Creamsicle-like characteristics on the other half of the profile, create an appealing combination of flavors with a smooth mouthfeel that is, all at once, rich, creamy, sweet, and tart. If you could buy Watermelon Creamsicles at your local grocery store, this is precisely what they would taste like.

The juice is best along the lower range of the normal vaping wattage spectrum. I preferred it at 4.5v on a 2.5O atomizer which delivers a total of just over 8 watts. Taking this juice much beyond that wattage will result in a bit of flavors degradation. Even at the relatively cool 8 watts, this juice still packs in plenty of throat hit and a produces a very nice cloud of vapor to boot.

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