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Mister-E-Liquid Strawberry Ice

PG/VG- 67/33

This is a fairly straightforward fruit ice blend from the guys over at Mister-E-Liquid and while it’s not particularly complex, it is icy cold thanks to a very strong cool menthol that doesn’t pull any punches. The strawberry, while not spectacularly vibrant, has a pleasant flavor that lies somewhere between natural and candy.

As is often the case with strawberry flavors, there is a slight medicinal note on the back side of the vape that detracts a little from the overall profile, but not enough to make it entirely unpleasant. The real star of the show is clearly the bold, icy coolness of the menthol. It is strictly cool with no overtones of mint, but still provides a crisp, clean and refreshing vape that is only limited by the mild bitterness of the strawberry flavor. The ice flavor provides a very nice throat hit and while the vapor production is not outstanding, it’s certainly above average.

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