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Mister-E-Liquid Pure Michigan

PG/VG- 67/33

As evidenced by a previous strong showing with their Strawberry Angel e-juice, Mister-E has a particularly good strawberry flavor, and they use a skilled hand when blending to minimize and potentially avoid the off flavors that lots of strawberry based e-juice tend to carry in tow.

Their Pure Michigan flavor is a blend of Strawberry and Apples, two of Michigan’s major cash crops and they come together in a seamless combination that is sweet, fruity, and well-balanced. The strawberry is sweet, like sugar coated berries, without one iota of the sour, medicinal notes that often plague the flavor.

The apple flavor that Mister-E uses in the mix is a sour green apple, but the tart pucker is easily offset by the sweetness of the berry, and the two flavors come together to create a flavor that is greater than the sum of it’s parts, and fruitier than it has any right to be. At just over 9 watts, or 4.8v on a 2.5O atomizer, the flavor is juicy with a with a nice balance of sweet and tart, delivering a stout throat hit and solid cloud of fruity vapor.

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