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Mister-E-Liquid “Mister-E’s Menthol”

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I have made a very slight downward adjustment in this e-liquids score. After using it almost non-stop for over a week, I found that the smoke flavor note added to give Mister-E-Liquids Mister-E’s Menthol a more cigarette-like flavor started to become a little overbearing. Although some people might not notice this flavor at all, it made me like the e-liquid a little less.

My standard daily e-liquid has always been menthol, and when I write my e-liquid reviews, the menthol flavors tend to be the ones I’m hardest on. You’ll notice when you look at my chart of the best menthol e-liquids that a lot of my comments range from less than enthusiastic to very negative, but I can’t help it; I think that a lot of e-liquid companies just don’t have a good handle on what a menthol e-liquid ought to taste like.

I rejoiced when I discovered Volcano Menthol Burst because it was the first e-liquid I’d ever tried that claimed to provide a seriously intense menthol experience and lived up to its claims. It turns out that Volcano isn’t alone; Mister-E-Liquid knows how to put together a great menthol e-liquid, too.

Inside the bottle, Mister-E-Liquids Mister-E’s Menthol has a relatively strong scent of menthol. Otherwise, the smell is pretty neutral. A sign of good things to come. Loading up my Boge 510 cartomizer and giving it a taste, my initial impression is that I find this e-liquid to be quite smooth.

More importantly, the menthol sensation is quite strong. Although I test e-liquids at the 16 or 18 mg nicotine level whenever possible for maximum flavor and throat hit, I use an 8 mg e-liquid when I’m not reviewing products. However, I don’t feel overpowered by this 18 mg e-liquid at all.

The menthol masks much of the throat hit. Volcanos Menthol Burst seems a little stronger to me at 16 mg even though it has more menthol. The fact that I’m comparing Mister-E-Liquids menthol against my favorite menthol e-liquid should tell you something; this e-liquid is an excellent one.

While Menthol Burst has a neutral taste that doesn’t particularly taste like tobacco or mint, the taste here is all tobacco. In fact, it might be more accurate to say that the base flavor of Mister-E-Liquids Menthol is smoke. The smoke flavor isn’t strong, but it’s definitely there. This is a closer taste to a real menthol cigarette perhaps a Camel Crush than any e-liquid I’ve had in quite a while.

On the other hand, the taste can work against this e-liquid a bit, and I wonder if I might have liked it even more if it was the first e-liquid I had tried after switching to electronic cigarettes.

Now that I’ve been using e-cigs for nearly two years, I’ve grown to love how wonderful tobacco and menthol flavors can taste without the presence of smoke. To taste an e-liquid with smoke flavor is a little jarring.

So, to conclude, I find that Mister-E-Liquids Mister-E’s Menthol feels closer to a real menthol cigarette than Volcanos Menthol Burst, which hasn’t quite been dethroned as my favorite menthol e-liquid.

However, it is for that reason exactly that I’d strongly recommend it to someone who has just switched to electronic cigarettes because it proves that you really can change without feeling like you’re giving something up.

On the other hand, Menthol Burst has a bit more menthol, a slightly cleaner taste and a little better sense of that intangible nicotine satisfaction that so hard to describe. This e-liquid is a real winner, and I believe that some people who try it are never going to want anything else.

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