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Mister-E-Liquid G.T.F.O.

PG/VG- 67/33

This is a very unusual combination of flavors comprised of chocolate, coffee, vanilla, caramel, and counter-intuitively, raspberry. With an eclectic mix like that, I wasn’t expecting much more than a tangled mishmash of flavor, but this juice is dark, delicious, and incredibly satisfying. The chocolate flavor, which is the dominant component in the overall profile, is fairly natural tasting, but by itself would be nothing special.

It’s the background flavor of coffee, with notes of vanilla, and caramel that highlights the creamy chocolate flavor, and rather than competing with it, it gives the chocolate the necessary depth and character to make it stand out in a sea of mediocre chocolate flavors. The raspberry pops very late in the vape, and while subtle, it is at first a bit surprising. The light acidity of the fruit cuts the sweetness just enough to round out the overall flavor profile and achieve a smooth balance with a good throat hit and a sufficient cloud.

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