OK so we had a guest poster do a review on the Subtank so I had to try one for myself. The results… Were shocking.

I’m an RDA lover but I’m also super picky about my atomizers. I love RDAs because I can always change out different e-Liquid because I like to change the flavors up throughout the day, but I like tanks for long drives or if I’m feeling lazy and playing video games or something. You can’t drip while playing Call of Duty!

I used to have a Protank II and I hated it. It leaked all over, it burned and it drove me crazy. I tried a couple other clearomizers but I had the same problem. Barely any vapor, bad flavor and wasting my juice, leaking everywhere. So I switched to RDAs. I did try some tanks like the Kraken and the Pulse-Gen but I didn’t care for them. Maybe it was how I built them, but I wasn’t satisfied.

So one day, my girlfriend wants to get the Subtank because she was tired of messing with her coils, or accidentally burning her wick at work and not being able to do a rebuild then. So we get the Subtank and our lives were forever altered…

I had heard the hype about the Subtank but I didn’t pay much attention considering it was still a clearomizer. I should have paid attention. We set up the Subtank and put some e-Liquid in, let the OCC coil soak up the juice and then vaped it.

Smooth, just the right throat hit, big ass clouds and no dripping every few hits. I was in love. Needless to say, I got my own. The setup I’m using now is the the Sigelei 100W Plus with the Subtank Mini. I only need to set the wattage at 25W (laugh all you want, try it then laugh) and I get an awesome vaping experience. And since I’m only running the Sigelei at quarter power, I kid you not, I used the same batteries for 48 hours and was only down to 75% power.

The Subtank holds plenty of liquid, 4.5mL for the Mini which lasts me a couple days. But I don’t have to fill it up all the way which lets me change flavors out. I’m stoked.

One of the coolest things about the Kanger Subtank is the fact that it comes with a base that you can use to build Kanger Subtankyour own coils if you don’t want to use the stock coils. I tried doing this but I haven’t quite mastered it yet. I watched a couple Youtube videos for wicking methods and some people definitely have the hang of it so I’ll have to keep practicing.

I will admit one drawback, the replacement coils are a little more pricey than normal replacement coils for say a Protank. But this is for good reason. The coils are meant for higher power and they use organic cotton instead of crappy silica wick.

I was also surprised at everything the Subtank comes with. You get a .5 ohm coil and a 1.2 ohm coil, a replacement Pyrex glass tank, a set of black O-Rings if you want to replace the standard red ones (I did), Japanese Organic Cotton, replacement screws and of course, the handy dandy blue screwdriver that we all know and love. Talk about a deal.

Well that’s it for me. I love the Subtank, I really do. I’ll go back and try some RDAs of course, but for now, this is my go-to setup.

Have you tried the Subtank? Let us know in the comments! Also, if anyone has any methods for wicking the base, let us know!

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