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Johnson Creek Smoke Juice Summer Peach

Strength: 18 mg
Size: 15 ml

During the cigar boom of the late 1990s, I lived near a tobacconist called the Tinder Box. The Tinder Box is a chain you might be familiar with them.

The sheer variety of products available at the Tinder Box made shopping their lots of fun, but I suppose also may have helped to foster what almost became a lifelong addiction to tobacco. In any case, one of the products that I would buy at the Tinder Box occasionally was a pipe tobacco called Peach Melba. It was a nice mild aromatic pipe tobacco blend with a pleasant peach flavor that wasn’t overly sweet.

That was the first thing I thought of when I exhaled my first lungful of Johnson Creeks Summer Peach e-liquid and smelled the lingering vapor in the air.

The next thing I thought of was the fact that, after several puffs, I began to feel a bit woozy. Johnson Creek is not the first e-liquid company that I have purchased 18 mg liquids from, but their liquids somehow feel more intense than many of the other products I have tried. I felt quite a strong throat hit with Summer Peach e-liquid, as well.

Summer Peach doesn’t taste exactly like a peach-flavored pipe tobacco blend. While the scent is reminiscent, I find that the flavor is comprised mostly of peach with a tobacco background note. The peach flavor is just mildly sweet, and fans of fruit-flavored e-liquids would probably find it pleasurable as an all-day vape.

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