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Johnson Creek Smoke Juice Arctic Menthol

Strength: 18 mg
Size: 15 ml

I used to enjoy a cigarette by Nat Sherman called Hint of Mint. Nat Sherman doesn’t sell it anymore, presumably because of the ban that the United States government placed on flavored cigarettes (except menthol).

Nat Sherman has since renamed the line Hint of Menthol, but I don’t recall the original version of the smoke containing menthol. If you’ve ever tried and liked the Hint of Mint cigarette, Johnson Creeks Arctic Menthol might be a right choice for you.

Arctic Menthol contains a mix of PG and VG probably about a 90/10 ratio for PG and what I would classify as a little amount of menthol just enough to cool the vapor slightly. The initial flavor is a mix of mints that most likely comes from both natural and artificial flavor essences. Spearmint seems to be the dominant mint used in the mix. The secondary flavor is tobacco you can just taste a bit of it under the mint flavor.

I would personally like it if Arctic Menthol contained a bit more menthol. For me, that cool rush is really what I look for when I vape a menthol e-liquid, and the fact that it is missing lowers the quality of the experience slightly. If you like mint flavors, this is one of the better ones that I have tried I particularly recommend it for any Hint of Mint fans out there. Just bear in mind that the menthol is barely noticeable. Try Volcano Menthol Burst if you prefer a high menthol e-liquid.

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