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Mint by Air Factory 60ml Review

You will be singing from your rooftops when you discover Mint’s crisp, cool taste. Air Factory Mint has a thrilling taste. This brand is known for producing award-winning e-liquids, and this is no different. This menthol vape juice will get you hooked until the last drop of it. Mint by …

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FORZ TX80 by Vaporesso Review

Some vapers are very concerned about the durability of vape mods. They get confused if their new vape mod stops working suddenly after a few months of use. If only they brought a most durable vape mod instead of a cheap one. FORZ TX80 by Vaporesso is one such rugged …

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Choosing the Best DIY Vape Juice Recipe

Perhaps you have been thinking about making your vape juice as this is something that most people are turning to these days. Indeed, a good number of people are switching to vaping as their ideal way of enjoying CBD products. One of the main reasons why most people choose to …

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Best Flavours of E-liquid

7 Top E-Juice Flavor Available In 2020

There are several types of vape e-liquid flavors available in the industry with unlimited flavor combinations. Hence, it is difficult to pick the top e-liquid flavors. More than any other field, taste in e-liquid is personal. You might believe you can’t taste anything better, but somebody else will start at the slightest taste.

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CBD Oil or gummies: Which should I choose?

Review: CBD Oil or Gummies?

There are a number of topical and edible forms of CBD consumption. With all of them, your personal preference is what makes the difference. While one CBD enthusiast may prefer the CBD oil, another may not for reasons we will discuss later on. If you are new to CBD, you …

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Strawberry Jam by Jam Monster Review

Strawberry Jam is a magnificent vape juice blend by Jam Monster. This e-liquid has the flavor profile of buttered toasted bread covered with strawberry jam. Strawberry Jam has a nice homemade vibe. This is a premium e-liquid. This e-liquid has a balanced taste. You can vape it for a long …

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Menthacco E-juice by Atomic Dog Vapor Review

Menthacco is a refreshing e-liquid by Atomic Dog Vapor. This vape juice is a blend of tobacco and menthol flavor. Menthacco is arguably one of the best menthol and tobacco e-liquids on the market. Menthacco does not taste artificial even when you turn up the wattage. This vape juice can …

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Pet CBD Oil 300mg by CBDFx Review

CBDFx is a leading producer of CBD products in the United States. This company has a wide range of high-quality CBD products. CBDFx uses some of the finest ingredients in the manufacturing of all its CBD products. CBDFx uses hemp plants grown by farmers in the US using organic methods. …

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Wotofo Flux Box Mod Review

The Flux box mod vape is the result of a collaboration between Wotofo and Rig Mod. This mod, which was released in 2018, is recommended for vapers who love stylish devices. This powerful mod can fire up to 200W! It has a unique design with hidden buttons and a fancy …

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