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Highbrow Vapor Strawberry Lemonade

While some flavors are extraordinarily difficult to replicate in an e-liquid, others translate perfectly, flawlessly transitioning between a tangible food or beverage into a liquid capable of delivering the same qualities in vapor form. Citrus fruits are able to bridge the gap easily and gracefully, and Highbrow has taken full advantage of that with their Strawberry Lemonade.

The flavor profile focuses predominantly on the lemonade side of the equation with bright, crisp notes of citrus, a good sweet and sour one-two punch, and surprisingly, a subtle boozy undertone that, while not expected, is light enough to be complimentary to the overall profile.

With such a big, round, sweet lemon flavor, it’s no surprise the strawberry ends up playing second fiddle in the blend, but like the actual beverage, the overall goal is to bring just a touch of strawberry to a beverage that on it’s own, is already considered to be the quintessential summertime drink. Taking that into consideration, I’d still prefer to get a bit more strawberry out of the blend, but what there is in the mix, is sweet and natural, without a hint of the medicinal notes that often tag along with strawberry flavored e-liquid.

The front side of the vape is tart, with a refreshing acidity that is well balanced by the exhale with a sweeter, more fruity profile, as the strawberry makes it’s brief appearance balancing the vape with a quick taste of lush, ripe berries. The finish is nice and long, with all the flavors lingering on the tongue for a bit, which provides for the most realistic experience as the sweet and tangy aspects come together in a. excellent reproduction of a nice, tall glass of freshly squeezed summertime delight. I liked this one just under 9 watts, or 4.8v on a 2.5Ω atomizer.

At that wattage, the throat hit, while not particularly hefty, is quite a bit stronger than one would traditionally expect from such as a sweet, fruity e-liquid. In the same regard, the vapor that Highbrow manages to eke out of an 80/20 mix is impressive and speaks highly of the skill level involved in the mixing process.

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