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Halo Prime 15

 Nicotine Level (mg/ml)   0 ,1.5,  3, 6, 12, 18, 24 
Bottle Size   10ml,30ml

PG/VG Ratio   Standard ,High VG (70%)
I held off on writing this review for a long time. I’ve had a bottle of Prime 15 in my hands for what seems like at least a month now, and I was prepared to give it an incredibly glowing review perhaps even more glowing than the review that I gave Halo Freedom Juice, my current favorite tobacco e-liquid.

Then, something changed the flavor. Halo includes a card with each purchase explaining that the flavor of its e-liquids matures and change over the first couple of days after opening the bottle. In most cases, this is a good thing; flavors become smoother and better defined, and the e-liquids start to taste a bit more mature. In this instance, though, I wasn’t so pleased with the change.

In the beginning, Halo Prime 15 tasted relatively dry it made me a bit thirsty. It had a strong throat hit and a very convincing tobacco flavor with little sweetness.

I loved it. In the weeks since I got the bottle, though, I have begun to detect more of a sweet caramel flavor note that I didn’t notice before, making the e-liquid taste a bit like Halo Tribeca. This was a bit of a disappointment to me, as I was enjoying the lack of sweetness. I also feel like the throat hit has dropped slightly.

Overall, Prime 15 is a better than average tobacco e-liquid, and I recommend trying it. I think that Prime 15 is best in the first couple of days after opening the bottle, though. You might want to start with a small bottle and use it quickly because my initial experience with this e-liquid is one that I would want any e-cig aficionado to try.

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