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Halo Menthol Ice Review

Strength: 12 mg
Size: 30 ml

Halo E-Liquid, as I have been looking for a good menthol e-liquid supplier and they have three menthol flavors to choose. I ordered large bottles of all three flavors. At $19.99 per 30 ml bottle plus around $7.00 for Priority Mail shipping, I purchased enough e-liquid to last well over a month assuming, of course, that I like the flavors.

Halo also sent a 10 ml bottle of a flavor called Tribeca that they are currently testing you can get one with an order of at least $19.00. All in all, I received more electronic cigarette liquid for less money than I am accustomed to spending for USA-made liquids.

My first impression of Halo was a positive one; the bottles arrived well-packaged, and it took me just three business days to receive them. Halo uses full blue glass bottles with excellent child-proof caps so far, so good.

For an extra touch of professionalism, each bottle is printed with my order number, a born-on date showing when the liquid was manufactured, and a lot number to track any possible quality control issues.

Halo Menthol Ice uses a blend of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) as its base. My guess is that the mixture is about 80/20 for PG. This tends to be the ideal balance as far as I am concerned; it isn’t too thick, carries flavor well and produces plenty of vapor with a nice soft mouthfeel.

The first thing that I noticed upon trying Halo Menthol Ice is that it tastes quite a bit like eLiquid Planet Essence Ice. I detect flavor notes of peppermint and unsmoked tobacco, but compared to Essence Ice, the flavor balance of Halo Menthol Ice seems to favor the tobacco slightly less, and the peppermint a little more.

There is also a little bit of sweetness to the liquid that I did not detect in Essence Ice. As for the menthol level, I would classify it as the medium. While the cooling effect is apparent, it is not as high as some of the other liquids that I have tried.

Halo advertises that they go to great lengths to ensure that their juices provide adequate throat hit, even at lower nicotine levels. I’m inclined to agree with that; the throat hit of my 12 mg bottle of Halo Menthol Ice is quite similar to that of the 16 mg Essence Ice that I have been using recently. Halo offers their electronic cigarette liquids in nicotine levels up to 24 mg, which I would expect packs quite a wallop.

Overall, my first impression of Halos e-liquid is a wholly positive one. I will have to try all three flavors before choosing a favorite. Additionally, my package from Halo included a card explaining that the flavor of the e-liquid will undergo additional development after the bottle has been open for about 48 hours.

As it currently stands, I highly recommend it, especially if you tried and enjoyed e-Liquid Planet Essence Ice based on my earlier reviews. While Essence Ice costs 86.6 cents per ml without an eyedropper, Halo Menthol Ice costs just 66.6 cents per ml with an eyedropper, making it a far more cost-effective e-liquid with a very similar taste.

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