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Halo fusion e liquid review

Strength: 18 mg
Size: 30 ml

So, you’ve bought yourself a huge bottle of e-liquid, and it isn’t quite up to snuff. Now that you’re here, you know about my e-liquid reviews and will hopefully avoid wasting your money in the future.

In the meantime, what do you do with your bottle of sub-par juice? Maybe it uses only propylene glycol as a base and doesn’t have the vapor production you’re looking for, or maybe you got the wrong nicotine strength, and you’re just not feeling the satisfaction you normally would.

Halo Fusion is the is the unflavored base that Halo uses to create all of its e-liquids, and it can go a long way toward perking up an e-liquid that isn’t quite doing it for you.

For my Halo Fusion review, I bought a zero-nicotine bottle of Volcano Menthol Burst, an e-liquid that I use almost every day. Since I am very familiar with the taste, I can tell how it is changed by replacing Volcanos nicotine with that contained in Halo Fusion. I mixed the two e-liquids to create a final nicotine content of 8 mg, which is the strength at which I buy Menthol Burst.

Some of the things I have always loved about Halo e-liquids are their full mouth feel and excellent vapor production. This comes from a propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin mix that is relatively high on VG.

Therefore, adding Halo Fusion to an e-liquid based entirely on propylene glycol will increase its vapor production slightly. I noticed this when writing this Halo Fusion review; Fusion raised the vapor production of the Menthol Burst slightly without diluting the flavor too significantly remember, Fusion has no flavor of its own. I didn’t notice any difference in the nicotine sensation in my mouth, throat or lungs.

One thing I’ve never discussed previously on eDripping is DIY e-liquids because mixing my e-liquids has never been of great interest to me. E-liquids are inexpensive to buy, and I’ve always found it fun to try the different flavors that companies create.

If you’ve ever wanted to try creating your flavor inspirations, though, Halo Fusion would be a perfect base liquid to start with because your final product would have the same excellent performance as Halos line of e-liquids.

Although I don’t get into DIY e-liquids myself, e-Liquid Planet has a DIY section that includes inexpensive bottles; Essence flavor concentrates for $4.99 each and a full DIY e-liquid lab for $124.95. If you are interested in creating your e-liquids, I can’t think of a better starting point than Halo Fusion and one of these products.

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