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Halo E-Cigs Company Profile

Halo E cigarette has bagged Editor’s Choice Award for its superior quality electronic cigarette and American made premium e liquid. Halo is based in New Jersey and its manufacturers are best in the industry. Its e liquids are known to deliver maximum vapor production, robust throat hit and satiety flavors. Halo manufactures two main e cigarettes

Element Electronic Cigarette:

Element Electronic Cigarette-With refillable e liquid tanks it is a 510 based e cigarette. It comes with an automatic battery, wall charger, two atomizers, bottle of e liquid, metal storage tin and one manual battery.

G6 Electronic Cigarette:

G6 Electronic Cigarette-It is a KR808 based e cigarette. It has two manual and automatic batteries, two empty cartomizers, metal storage tin and a pack of five pre filled cartomizers.

Halo E liquids are manufactured in United States and offers four strengths of nicotine including, 6 mg, 12 mg, 18 mg and 24 mg. The banging flavor array includes, Turkish Tobacco, Prime 18, Belgian Cocoa, Malibu Menthol, Menthol ICE, Juice, Smooth 8 , Truepure Menthol, Fusion and Bella Valenta

The hawk –eyed market!

E Cigarette is the most riveting market. The sales surpassed $300 million in 2012.The entire cigarette market had net sales of $80 billion in the same period. Apparently, the fast sprouting market has doubled last year and it is believed that it will double again. The reasons are logical; e cigarette renders all advantages of conventional cigarettes without the negatives including, odor, tar and hazardous chemicals. It’s better than the regular variant and surely beneficial. The major anent issue is the government. Many government and non government associations have canvassed its health indemnity promises. But, Lorillard’s purchase of Blu, an e cigarette company the entrance of big tobacco daddy into the world of e cigarette has caught the heed of the market. Now, the real deal, how to make the most of this market. Lorillard is a good public company and e cigarette make just a fraction and hence the fake promises of significant return are meager.

The best player in the present scenario is NJOY. They have 40% control on the market and yes have major potential to take over Atria Group. However your best bets can be a)Invest in the big daddy Atria Group, its speculated that it may take over the best player in the market NJOY and make the most of NJOY’s growth b)Invest in third largest tobacco company Lorillard, as they may grow their e cigarette market. Investment in this market is pretty healthy, but remembers greed is your biggest enemy. It’s a blossoming market and any strong investment can prove wrong as there are a number of variables at present. It will be great to watch the moves of big tobacco companies in this realm. The market can shake. It will be noteworthy to see, who emerges as the emperor of the market.


Our ingredients contain USP Grade Propylene Glycol and USP Grade Glycerin along with a proprietary blend of USP Grade Natural and Artificial flavorings. All ingredients are FDA and FEMA approved food additives, and we use only the highest quality USP Grade Nicotine with a Certificate of Analysis. Our nicotine is tested and documented to be a minimum of 99% pure before our e-liquid is created in our US facility.Halo,

Loving it!

They feel and look like the conventional cigarettes but they are truly much more then tobacco delivery. The electronic cigarette market has amazingly taken off as its share doubled in the market. Its inception occurred in 2007, and soon it gave smokers freedom of choice to smoke wherever and whenever they desired. This tobacco free alternative came to the US market and instantly won the hearts and enabled smokers to quit smoking. But, were there is fire there is surely smoke, the same goes with this bellowing market. In majority of countries e cigs are not really subjected to the traditional tobacco law and FDA Food and Drug Administration has not given an officially statement against or in favor of them. This new tech smoking trend is projected as environment friendly, cheap and healthier and thus many celebrities flaunt their passion for these tools and endorse them wholeheartedly. It smokes like a tobacco cigarette appears like a tobacco cigarette but doesn’t smells and damages like it. This electronic inhaler is a simulation that too tobacco frees. The satisfying experience is surely ‘fake; but it’s actually great.

Serendipity-It’s always good

There are huge concerns evolving around the effective and adequate marketing of e cigarettes that is a potential issue for the bright future of the company. Although these electric cigarettes are devoid of tobacco they have trace nicotine and other dormant hazardous ingredients. This perhaps makes the room for some serious slewing and imposition of potential restrictions. The forbidden advertisements in social networking sites like Google and Facebook, has given sky high opportunities to the manufactures. The wider dynamic of advertisement has lead to its popularity in teens and children, a major concern of the government.

The cigarette industry has worked this way from centuries but in case of attracting minors, e cig works different. Despite, no marketing strategies by the e cigarette companies to entice minors, the flavored cartridges oozing sparkling flavors of caramel, chocolate and strawberry can be a lure. Marketing is not the sole cause of concern in this market. The electronic cigarettes are sold online and hence age verification here is somewhat uncontrolled whilst tobacco cigarettes are bound to follow the US tobacco laws. This uncontrolled sale has lead to its purchase by minors and teens as well.

The year 2003 witnessed the birth of e cigarette. The birth year saw a percent of $80 billion market share in the giant cigarette industry but this percent almost doubled in the consecutive years without much marketing efforts. The Seminole Tribe of Florida Inc is a major player in the flowering industry of e cigarette. United States of America has the largest market of e cigarette worldwide. But, it is proclaimed that UK has more than one million electronic cigarette users and the number is constantly multiplying. The e cigarettes have nearly become a globe phenomenon. It is estimated that more than 500,000 people use e cigarettes daily in France. This momentous trend is a fad or a victory product is really hard to judge.



  • – High Quality US Made Ingredients
  • – Nice Tasting Flavors
  • – Good Choice of Nicotine Levels
  • – Cool Looking Bottles
  • – Reasonable Price for Such High Quality


  • – Would have been nice to have some plain fruity flavours
  • – The pipette and smaller 7ml bottles were not that easy to use to fill up a clearomizer
  • – Halo don’t tell you the PG/VG mix ratio