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Halo Cool Mist

I recently ordered a set of three 30 ml bottles of e-liquid from Halo, eager to test their lineup of menthol liquids. I put in several days with the CoolMist flavor, allowing plenty of time for the flavor to develop as recommended by the card that Halo included with the package. As of this writing, Halo is currently test marketing a new e-liquid flavor called Tiki Juice, which is a Tahitian tobacco flavor. If you place an order of at least $19.00, Halo will send a free bottle. Sadly, I won’t be testing it I have three large bottles of e-liquid to get through!

Halo CoolMist is a menthol e-liquid with a mint base. If you prefer a menthol e-liquid with a tobacco base, read my review of Halos Menthol Ice e-liquid. The liquid is a blend of PG and VG about 80% PG and 20% VG, I think. It has a full mouthfeel and produces plenty of vapor.

The flavor tests like a blend of mints primarily spearmint, I think, but I also taste peppermint, wintergreen and something more exotic, like lemon mint. The taste is immaculate, and I would call the level of menthol low-to-medium.

If you like a bit of sweetness in an e-liquid, Halo CoolMist might be right up your alley. While the slightly savory tobacco taste of Halo Menthol Ice has made it my current everyday liquid, I have been using CoolMist once in a while after dinner as something of a dessert vape.

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