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Getting The Best Tasting E Juice Out There Today

In order to have that perfect vaping experience, you essentially must have two things. You must have a good electronic cigarette kit and a really good e juice to go with that. This perfect combo is what many electronic cigarette smokers are looking for today. It can be quite a daunting task for many consumers out there to find the best tasting e juice in a global market that is full of so many options. Here is a look at some of the best tasting e juices in the market today and what makes them taste as good as they claim.

The actual taste and flavor of an e cig comes from the e juice itself and no other component determines the flavor or taste of an e cig. Up to date, it is a known fact that the best e juices in the global market come from the USA. American made e juices are market leaders in terms of quality, complexity, flavors and overall taste. So the next time you go out looking for an e juice, make sure you look for a label that says made in USA.

Why is it important to stick to American made e juice brands and not any other brands from all over the world? Most e juice manufacturers that are not based in the United States use cheap and low quality raw materials mainly outsourced from China. This is done in a bid to lower the cost of production but the end result is a wide range of bad tasting e juices that consumers will never be absolutely happy about.

E juice brands that are made in the USA make use of top of the range production techniques, complex recipes as well as authentic flavors to ensure that these products turn out to taste better than any other such products in the market today. For this reason, most e juice brands that are made in the USA may be a little bit more expensive than other e juice brands from around the world.

The good taste of an e juice is as a result of the ingredients used. Essentially, a perfect mixture of Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG) is what makes an e juice to taste really good and thereby leaving you craving for more. The ratios of these two ingredients in any e juice determine a lot in terms of taste and volume of vapor that is produced with a single hit.

Nobody wants to e juice that tastes like medicine or just a liquid full of chemicals. Such bad tastes and flavors can really turn e cig smokers off and can even make beginner e cig smokers to feel short changed and uninterested. You should stay away from the many cheap imported e juice brands as they are not the best picks if you wish to have a pleasant and enjoyable vaping experience.

Some Good Picks

VaporFi (VaporZone)

Formerly known as VaporZone, VaporFi is an American based e juice manufacturer that offers a wide range of e juice flavors and recipes to consumers from around the globe. They have a mixer that allows you to custom make your own unique flavors by mixing up the standard flavors found on their catalog. By doing this, you can come up with so many different flavor combos that can be further manipulated in terms of the quantity of each and every ingredient that you put into your unique mix. How cool is that?

They have 54 standard flavors on their online catalog so if you do feel like cooking something up you can choose from any of those. On their catalog you will find these easy to navigate categories for their standard flavors.

Tobacco flavors
Menthol flavors
Dessert flavors
Fruit flavors
Additional Random Flavors

The additional random flavors normally cater for bourbon and energy drink aromas.

VaporFi is really on top of their game as they also offer the option of getting custom sampler packs instead of the regular ones that are offered by most e juice manufacturers. There is also a provision for automated shipping that offers discounts for first time shipping and for all other times that you will choose to ship to your address.


This e juice manufacturer has been around for quite some time. They have developed quite a number of e juice flavors over the years. Some of the e juices from Halo that have not received good reviews from consumers have been removed from the catalog and this has left them with some really high quality and good tasting e juices.

They may not have as many e juice flavors to choose from but they do have the best offering of tobacco flavors in the market. They also have good gourmet flavors such as peppermint.

All e juices from Halo are thoroughly tested and approved for quality and safety by organizations such as the FDA. This simple fact makes consumers sure that they are getting a good deal for their money. The packaging and safety tabbed container is also a worthy mention meaning infants and children cannot open it by mistake.

Mount Baker Vapor

This e juice brands also falls under some of the best tasting e juice brands today. They have so many flavors to choose from meaning that you will be spoilt for choice. They offer tons of concoctions that are categorized according to major flavors such as strawberry and tobacco.

They also have a cook up section for people who want to come up with their own unique e juice flavors. You can start from scratch and use your creativity to create something really cool and good tasting. Their fruity flavors are the best in the market and they are the reason that they have a huge consumer base.

All in all, the best tasting e juices out there today are made in the USA. There are many other high quality e juice brands so be sure to do a thorough background check before making a final decision.

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