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Factors That Differentiate Best E Juice Vendors From Others

E cigarette industry has seen a number of innovations ever since the first e-cig hit the market over 10 years ago. There are hundreds of manufacturers churning out a variety of different models with many innovative features. Along with the E-cig hardware manufacturers, there are also a number of e-liquid vendors who have made a name for themselves in this industry by delivering consistent quality e juices in a number of flavors..

The e juices are available in a variety of flavors and concoctions that are produced by hundreds of vendors who are based all over the world. As far as choosing the best E juice vendors is concerned, the choice of a particular flavor and concoction depends on personal preferences.

For instance, some people like E liquid that is heavy in vegetable glycerin whereas some other prefer e-liquids that are heavier in propylene glycol base. However, there are certain factors that differentiate one vendor from the others. Here is a list of some of the factors that will allow you to choose the best E juice vendors available today.

Choosing the Best E Juice Vendors


Consistency is the most important thing that you should look at when deciding to buy an E liquid from a vendor. It wont be wrong to say that any unknown vendor can turn out a great batch of e-liquid once in a while. However, producing great quality batch after batch is a big challenge and requires sticking to particular standards while preparing the E juice. Therefore, you should go with a vendor that is known for consistently producing high-quality juices.

One of the best ways to check the consistency of a vendor is to look at the reputation of the vendor online. There are a number of websites and online discussion forums where users share their own experience with the e-juices made by particular vendors. Ideally, you should look at these discussions over a period of time, as that will give you a complete picture of the consistency of e-liquids made by the vendor.

Facility Used for Making E Juice

The facility used for making E juices plays a very important role in the overall quality of the E juice. All the best e juice vendors on the market today make juices only in FDA or FEMA approved facilities even though it is not required.

FDA approved facilities signal that the processes used for making the E juice are standard and follow the safety precautions as outlined by the FDA. It also means that the equipment used for making the e juice is safe and free of contamination.

Variety of Concoctions

As mentioned above, some of the people like PG heavy e juice whereas some others like VG heavy e juice. Ideally, the vendor should offer a variety of these concoctions depending on your personal taste. Some of the vendors do allow you to choose the percentage of PG and VG in E juice but most of the vendors only sell pre made e juices.

Available Flavors

Flavors play a very important role as these alone will determine whether you will continue using the E juice or not. Most of the reputed vendors today sell the juices in a variety of flavors ranging from apples to oranges to the mint to tobacco and various others. It is recommended to try out a variety of flavors before you settle on one.

Nicotine Strength

Most of the e juices available in the market today come in a variety of nicotine strength. The usual nicotine strength varies from zero, 6, 12, 18 and 24 mg/mL. Higher strength juices are also available in market but most of the vendors only carry these strengths.

To figure out the nicotine strength for your personal use, consider the fact that a typical analog cigarette delivers around 1 mg of nicotine.

USP Grade Ingredients

The best way to check the quality of the ingredients is to look at the USP grade label. USP is a global authority on the standards for various OTC medicines, pharmaceutical supplements, and various beauty and health products. This label is recognized in over 130 countries all over the world and they hold the industry to high standards as far as the ingredients in various products are concerned.

The presence of USP grade on the label means that the quality of the ingredients conforms to the highest standards set by the authority. You should stay away from vendors that do not sell juices made from USP grade ingredients as there is no guarantee of the quality of the ingredients.

Choosing between PG and VG

Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin is used as a base for e juices. As far as the choice between these two bases is concerned, these have different properties.

Vegetable glycerin is thicker and produces more throat hit but less vapor. It is preferred by people who want an experience similar to the analog cigarettes. On the other hand, propylene glycol produces more vapor but less throat hit.

Some of the Top E Juice Vendors

Over the years, some of the vendors in this market have made a reputation by consistently delivering high-quality juices in a variety of flavors. Here is a list of some of the most well known E juice vendors in the market today.

Halo e-cig is one of the most well known E liquid vendors available in the market. They have won various awards over the years for the quality of the e juices as well as the hardware that they produce. All of the juices made by the company use only USP grade ingredients and they make e juices in a professional grade facility that is FEMA certified.

In other words, when you buy E juice from this company, you are buying pure e juice that is completely safe and made from the best ingredients available in the market. They offer a number of flavors including menthol and tobacco. As far as the nicotine levels are concerned, it ranges from 0 mg/mL to 24 mg/mL. They are pricier as compared to other vendors but the price is well worth the flavor and taste delivered by their e juices.

Atlantic cigs is another top brand in the E liquid market. They have over 35 flavors and are continuously increasing the number of flavors. They also use only USP grade ingredients and prepare all the juices only in FDA certified laboratory. They are also a bit costly as compared to other vendors but that is the price you pay for top quality ingredients.

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