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E-Liquid Planet The Dr. (Dr. Pepper)

Strength: 16 mg
Size: 10 ml

e-Liquid Planets The Dr. e-liquid is apparently intended to resemble Dr. Pepper. Although I don’t necessarily get the strong taste of Dr. Pepper in this liquid, it does taste like soda, and overall I find the flavor quite pleasurable. Rather than thinking of e-Liquid Planets The Dr. as a Dr. Pepper electronic cigarette liquid, think of it sort of like brown soda a little bit Dr. Pepper, a little bit root beer and a little bit cola.

The Dr. has a strong throat hit. I found that the liquid had quite a bit of kick maybe it’s just that I haven’t vaped with a 16 mg liquid in a while, though, as I have been decreasing my nicotine consumption. On the plus side, e-Liquid Planets The Dr. electronic cigarette liquid did not dry my mouth as some liquids can.

There is a flavor note in e-Liquid Planets The Dr. that strongly resembles the cinnamon note in Volcanos Cinnapple flavor. However, The Dr. has none of the dark sweetness that turned me off from Cinnapple.

This was my first foray into electronic cigarette liquids designed to taste like beverages. Although it might end up being one of those adventures that I end up not repeating, I did find The Dr. to be quite nice and do recommend giving it a try.

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