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E-Liquid Planet Ginger

Strength: 11 mg
Size: 10 mg

Growing up in Michigan, I have always loved the taste of ginger ales such as Vernors. Although eLiquid Planet Ginger electronic cigarette liquid does not remind me of Vernors correctly, it does taste very much like a good, full-flavored ginger ale to me. The ginger flavor in this electronic cigarette liquid is very evident, and the sweetness is kept to a minimum.

The best part, for me, is that the ginger taste doesn’t seem to be artificial. Although it could well be artificial, e-Liquid Planet Ginger electronic cigarette liquid does taste like real ginger to me.

While I am not sure how many electronic cigarette users would want to have a ginger flavor in their daily vape myself included I do recommend this liquid for anyone looking for a pleasant change.

If you are interested in trying e-Liquid Planet Ginger but do not want to pay the price for a large bottle, try this e-Liquid Planet assortment instead. At a price of $19.95, the assortment includes five 5 ml bottles: Ginger, Clove, Vanilla, Chocolate and RY4.

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