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E-Liquid Planet Essence Twisted Peppermint

Strength: 11 mg
Size: 15 ml

The e-Liquid Planet website does not go to great lengths to explain what the Twisted Peppermint-liquid is supposed to taste like.

Feeling adventurous, I took the plunge for you. While I do not like Essence Twisted Peppermint quite as much as I do Essence Ice, which is brilliant menthol and tobacco flavor that I just can’t get tired of, I do enjoy its unique flavor and will probably buy it again.

So, with a name like Twisted Peppermint, you must be wondering what the twist is that e-Liquid Planet has put into this electronic cigarette liquid. I believe that the twist in this flavor is bergamot, or some other citrus peel essence. I also definitely taste the peppermint flavor.

Combined with the peppermint flavor, the bergamot or other citrus peel extract in e-Liquid Planets Essence Twisted Peppermint electronic cigarette liquid makes it taste and smell almost like perfume, or Earl Grey tea.

I wouldn’t want to get any Earl Grey aficionados too excited here; this liquid doesn’t taste like tea. Still, the flavor notes bear an uncanny resemblance.

Another thing that I noticed about Essence Twisted Peppermint is that it has quite a strong throat hit for an 11 mg liquid. I think that fans of throat hit would find something to like in the 16 mg version of this juice.

I should note that I detect no menthol in Essence Twisted Peppermint. Either there is so little menthol that is isn’t noticeable over the fresh feel of the vapor itself, or there is no menthol in it. I suspect the latter. I expected this to be a menthol flavor; but in fact, the only two Essence flavors containing menthol seem to be Essence Ice and Essence NPT.

Altogether, e-Liquid Planets Essence Twisted Peppermint is a little electronic cigarette liquid, and I would recommend picking a bottle up.

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