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E-Liquid Planet Clove

Strength: 11 mg
Size: 10 mg

During my smoking days, I quite enjoyed the taste of an occasional clove cigarette (or kretek). Recent changes to tobacco laws have rendered flavored cigarettes unavailable in the United States, so I decided to try e-Liquid Planet Clove electronic cigarette liquid as an alternative. While I found that it does not exactly taste like a clove cigarette, I was quite pleased with the purchase nonetheless.

The e-Liquid Planet Clove electronic cigarette liquid has the flavor of cloves, unmistakably. However, rather than the flavor of burning cloves, I find the taste closer to that of a holiday cake with clove flavoring and a generous dose of rum.

In other words, these electronic cigarette liquid tastes far more like the cloves you would cook with than the burning cloves in a clove cigarette.

If you have ever smoked a clove cigarette before, you know that burning cloves have a slight numbing effect on the tongue, throat, and lungs. I do not feel any numbing at all with the eLiquid Planet Clove electronic cigarette liquid.

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