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E-Liquid Flavors to Pair for a Great Vaping Experience

The market is full of different e-juice flavors. And if you are the adventurous type who like pairing e-liquids, the possibilities are endless. There are many delicious e-juice on the market, but sometimes, you get the cravings for a particular flavor you can’t find. This is why mixing e-liquids can be satisfying.

But before you start mixing e-liquids, you need to know all the ingredients in an e-juice and which ones go well together.

The Ingredients and Their Role in an E-Liquid

There are four main ingredients in e-liquids; vegetable glycerin (VG), propylene glycol (PG), nicotine, and flavoring.

  • Vegetable glycerin (VG) – Vegetable glycerin in e-liquids increases cloud production. However, it can affect the flavor a bit because of its sweet taste. Vegetable glycerin also reduces the intensity of the throat hit you will get.
  • Propylene glycol (PG) – Propylene glycol is known to increase the intensity of the throat hit that you get from vaping an e-liquid. It is tasteless, so it does not affect the flavor of your vapes.
  • Nicotine – Nicotine is one of the main components of e-liquids. This stimulant is what gives you a throat hits and buzz when you’re vaping. The intensity of the throat hit you will get from vaping an e-liquid depends on the nicotine level that you select. If you want to stay off nicotine, you can get a nicotine free e-juice.
  • Flavoring – There are many types of e-juice flavoring including fruity, beverage, dessert, tobacco, and menthol blends.

Mixing vape juices involve a lot of trial and error. You’ll have to take the percentage of each e-liquid into consideration when creating a mixture. You can start with 10% of one e-juice and 90% of another, then increase the first flavor to 20% until you find the combination that satisfies your taste buds.

Making Fantastic E-Juice Combos

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The first step for making an e-juice blend is to decide the volume of e-juice you want to create (like 30ml, 60ml or 100ml).

If you want to make a fruit cocktail vape juice, you can mix a mango, peach, pineapple, orange, and guava e-juice. You can try various options for the percentage of the flavoring.

After deciding on the flavoring, you’ll need to decide whether you’re going to add nicotine or not. You can add nicotine to increase the intensity of the throat hit and nic buzz you’d get.

Nicotine in e-liquid is measured as milligram per milliliter. Use of a calculator to determine how many milliliters of nicotine is required to get the concentration level that you want.

You can make different bottles with varying concentration levels when you mix vape juice so that you do not have to repeat the same experiment and you can find the combination that best satisfies your taste buds. One thing is certain, it takes time and effort to create something outstanding. But once you find the perfect recipe, you can easily reproduce it any time you want.

Mixing vape liquids is an exciting past time that allows you to let your imaginations run wild and improve your vaping experience.

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