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Mmmm… Bacon… and cotton… Mmmm… Cotton…

Cotton Bacon by Wick n’ Vape, the name alone is tasty which is fitting because cotton bacon promises you tons of flavor from your juice. Time to put it to the test.

Right off the bat I was impressed with the packaging. A nice, silvery sealed bag with a cut out window. I’m a sucker for presentation and Cotton Bacon is presenting themselves well.I tore off top of the bag and I can see how it got its name. It looks like little strips of bacon in cotton form. Awesome! But why? What purpose does this serve? I grabbed a strip which separated cleanly from the rest in the bag and I could tell how dense it was. Much denser than the typical organic cotton ball and with minimal fuzz on it. Already a good sign.
So first I tried wicking a TOBH on a Clapton coil build on a Sigelei 100W Plus. The Cotton Bacon was easy to work with but it took a few snips – due to the denseness of the cotton – to cut off a strip. I didn’t have to do much twisting to get it through the coil which was great. The cotton was super absorbent, a claim that Wick n’ Vape makes, and it definitely took a lot of e-Liquid to saturate it, noticeably more than standard organic cotton, right on par with Vapers Choice Cotton.

So how did it vape?

Let me first say that I’ve never been crazy about Clapton coils. It could be my build, but they always come off harsh to me. Not the case with this build using Cotton Bacon. It was buttery smooth and the clouds were rich, thick and billowy. I was pretty taken aback. I took a long hit without any hint of a burned taste.

Alright, I was impressed. So I had to try it on my Subtank setup since that’s what I’ve been rockin’ lately and I also wasn’t able to wick it with the Vapers Choice Cotton which I was extremely impressed with. So I put a coil on it and wicked it with the Cotton Bacon, primed it up and took a hit. Lots of them. No dryness at all. I’m going to have to try the Vapers Choice on the Subtank again because I did try it before I got the hang of wicking it, but so far the Cotton Bacon was awesome on my Subtank.

So let’s talk flavor. Vivid is the best word I have for it. I didn’t taste any new notes of flavor in the liquid I had been using, but all the flavors were brighter and more intense. It’s like listening to music with the equalizer set to flat versus listening to the same song with the bass and treble turned up. It just tastes better.

In conclusion, Cotton Bacon lives up to its claims and the tastiness the name implies. Highly absorbent, super rich flavor, smooth, thick and billowy clouds… It’s the real deal. Let’s just say that I won’t be buying anymore organic cotton balls from the store anymore.

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