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Cheap E Liquid The Best Options

Breathe better with the original assortment of cheap e liquid
Cigarette smoking is injurious to health. The cheap e liquid is the best available option now as the mechanism that it follows ensures that the pleasure is at place without having the health to hamper. This smokeless device is battery managed that distributes restricted quantity of nicotine that is vaporized. The word “E” stands for electronic and is commonly in use these days.

Composition of Electronic Liquids:

  • 100% Vegetable Glycerin
  • Vegetable glycerin and Propylene Glycol mixed in 60:40 ratio
  • 100% Propylene Glycol
  • Glycerol
  • Water
  • Nicotine
  • Tobacco Flavor

Compactness of Nicotine in these Atomized Liquids

The e-liquids come with nicotine density that has 6 variations. They are:

  • Super high nicotine density which is 36mg/g
  • Extra high nicotine density which is 24mg/g
  • High nicotine density which is 16mg/g
  • Nicotine density of medium range which is 11mg/g
  • Nicotine density of low range which is 6mg/g
  • Nil density nicotine

The range of the cheap e liquid varies from 36mg/g to 6mg/g and is a substitute for cartridge and smoke that has nil nicotine content. This is all for extensive use and the fact that the nicotine is low in density take care of the health factor as well.

Using the e-liquids:

  • Bottle lid needs to be opened
  • Fill atomizer with e-liquid drops
  • The old or empty cartridge needs to be re-filled with the e-liquid drops
  • Just ready to use

Mechanism to use the e liquid with injector:

  • The e liquid needs to be strained inside the injector
  • Then place the plunger at the cartridge bottom
  • Unless the liquid reaches the top the same needs to be injected

The variety of flavors:

 Cheap e liquid comes in a range of flavors. What Follows is just an example of the vast range to give you an idea the possibilities are basically endless:

Regular tobacco flavor that general cigarettes have

Marl Flavor that gives the real marl taste and is available with nicotine density options to choose from

RY 4 Flavor that is similar to caramel taste with a tough tobacco presence

Hilton flavor that has rich aroma and is available only in high nicotine based products

French pipe flavor that has the typical wood pipe aroma

Vanilla flavor that gives a real vanilla taste

Clove flavor that is spicy and tastes sweet

Menthol flavor that is rich in its mint content

Apple flavor is the one that has a thick smoke and tastes good

Fruit mix flavor is typically a taste that is similar to a taste of fruits mixed together

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