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Cheap E-Juice Coconut Cake E-Liquid Review

Who doesn’t love a light and tender white layer cake with the flavor of coconut through and through?  Yes, I am definitely talking about coconut cakes. Since I started baking this recipe, it has been a favorite with my family and friends. This is definitely a masterpiece no one can dare refuse. While the coconut cake is every foodies’ dream, this Coconut Cake eliquid by Cheap EJuice is every vapers’ dream as well.

This honest to goodness eliquid is packed inside a 120-mL chubby gorilla bottle that is not only convenient to use but also economical. It can be easily placed inside your pocket or small purse. Squeezing the juice out is also made easier, thanks to its needle nose tip. The bottle displays a white label containing printed texts of the brand name, flavor name, content size, nicotine strengths, the usual marketing, to name a few. You can skip the long steeping time as this is already ready for use.

The second you break open the bottle, prepare for some coconut cake scent with a mixture of creams, custards, and vanilla frostings along the way. Do some taste test, and it tastes as good as it smells. Still, all these flavors play creative roles get this ultimate flavor.

When you vape it, the taste of this eliquid really sticks to its flavor profile. This can’t be mistaken for anything else — plainly and purely coconut cake. Going in, you will welcome the taste of some whipped cream with major notes of custard. Then going out, a lightly toasted coconut shaving plus some vanilla frosting release all throughout. For those who think that this is purely coconut, well this blend is actually a mixture of different notes that work together to create this mouth-watering flavor.

Since this is a dessert kind of vape, expect some sweetness to it. However, the sweetness in this ejuice is not overly and non-throat irritating though. And you can surely tell that as overly sweet mixtures tend to ruin your cotton and coils. They normally turn to a natural dark color, but no crud or any sort.

Coconut Cake is packed with 70% vegetable glycerin and 30% propylene glycol. In terms of consistency, the liquid itself is thick – not too runny or sticky. It is ideal both for vaping and dripping. As aforementioned, this is cotton and coil friendly so this will not gunk up your tank. For cloud chasers, this can be a great company as well – huge and dense clouds that do not disappear right away.

This Cheap Ejuice product comes in two nicotine levels – 3 mg (low) and 6 mg (medium low). There is no clear-cut answer as to what nicotine level should you start with. However, factors such as taste, throat hit, and level of usage must be considered. By the way, these vary from person to person, depending on his or her needs.

Other online shops sell a bottle of this Coconut Cake for as much as $15 to $20. But you can snap a cheap vape juice deal when you buy it online at www.cheapejuice.com. You can grab and enjoy this flavor for as low as $12.99 apiece.

Overall, I’d say give this eliquid a try. For its price, you will never find a vape juice this good particularly in terms of quality and flavor. Such blend may even cost you up to three times more on other brands. And those that are within its price range may not be as good as this.

The Coconut Cake is actually made by the Costa Mesa, California-based Cheap EJuice. From the name itself, the company is committed to producing premium yet affordable eliquids for the vaping community. It wants to offer the highest quality and best tasting vape juices.

Cheap EJuice’s dessert-flavored ejuice collection also has other blends on its lineup that will surely satisfy your sweet tooth. It has glazed donuts, lemon cake, strawberry shortcake, and vanilla cake. Other collections are also available including candy flavors, fruit flavors, menthol flavors, and sour flavors. Aside from satisfying your ultimate cravings, all these flavors come at a fairly cheap price.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a bottle of your Coconut Cake eliquid or any other vape juices now. Visit Cheap E-Juice’s Dessert Flavors collection to see what’s in stock for you.

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