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CBD Lab Reports: 5 Quick Steps to Understand Them

If you have been reading blogs and watching vlogs about cannabidiol (CBD) oil, then you may have been deaf from people always telling you that lab reports say this and that. Interestingly, all we do is listen and nod, and I bet only a few of us would actually check these results for ourselves.

So, why is it important to read CBD lab reports?

CBD is an emerging market, and many businesses are grabbing that opportunity to sell substandard and low-quality products. Generally, it will stain the image of the entire industry.

People will try to talk you out of things, and they are usually successful because we fail to verify the facts for ourselves. Personally, anything that I ingest in my body should be thoroughly researched and that I should have a solid understandin gabout it, else I might end up only harming myself. Health is wealth, hospital bills are expensive. Keep that in mind.

How do I prevent myself from buying substandard products?

First. Read reviews and if possible obtain first-hand information directly from people who have actually used it.

Second. Read the company’s CBD lab report. It actually answers all the questions you have in mind.

But… it is confusing.

Here are some 5 easy steps.

First, look for the report.

It may sound difficult at first, but finding lab-tested CBD oil report is not that hard. The brand I use make it easy for me to check their results. CBDfx actually processes their products per batch, so reports are always updated and available on their website.

But to ensure quality, every product comes with a QR code that you can easily scan to obtain the most recent lab report. Of course, a shady company would ensure you will have a challenging time looking for their lab reports. But a reputable firm keeps an open relationship with their customers and promote transparency.

Second, know the different forms of CBD.

There are actually different forms of CBD: CBD isolate, broad-spectrum CBD, and full-spectrum CBD. All three contain different cannabinoid concentrations.

CBD isolates are pure CBD molecule usually in crystalline form. Broad-spectrum CBD contains other beneficial terpenes and cannabinoids, other than CBD. Full-spectrum CBD is almost the same as broad-spectrum, but they have trace amounts of THC, at just less than 0.3%.

Third, examine the cannabinoid profile.

Here, you can grasp the detailed information of the levels of the different cannabinoids that are naturally available in hemp oil. They can be presented as a total percentage per volume, milligrams per gram, and total milligrams.

As for CBDfx, the company works with PharmLabs San Diego to test its products. I think partnering with a trustworthy company that produces these lab results is a good sign.

Fourth, check for anything dangerous.

Spare some time to look at all the ingredients in your CBD lab report. Particularly, watch out for residual solvents, pesticides, micro-toxins, and heavy metals. Spotting even at least one of these is a tell-tale sign that you should back out from this source.

And lastly, compare and contrast.

Before buying anything from anywhere, check and read reliable reviews first. Comparing the lab results is a good idea since you can specifically assess the different contents and amounts of the CBD oils.

Also, other than CBD, consider checking the different tests individual products have to undergo. Check also the relationship of the testing agency and CBD maker and ensure they are not sister companies.

Amid all these hype, it is important that we understand and weigh the pros and cons of CBD before jumping on the bandwagon. So far, CBDfx is one of the handfuls of brands that have made an impression to me.

I have scrutinized many brands for the sake of reviewing and consuming, but nothing has beaten the quality and products CBDfx offers. Your mind is at peace, knowing that what you are taking is actually safe.

I know it may sound tiring and boring to read lab results but always think of its importance more.

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