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E Liquid Reviews

Green Apple by Cali Pods Review

Cali Pods produces some of the finest vape pods on the market. In case you are new to pre-filled pod systems, they are non-refillable packs of e-liquid. One of the main perks of pre-filled pods is that you do not have to fill it with e-liquids. Also, they are convenient …

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Bluedoe E-Liquid by Dripboy Review

Bluedoe by Dripboy is an outstanding e-liquid with the flavor of fresh doughnuts with blueberry icing. This e-liquid can be your next all day vape. Bluedoe by Dripboy is perfect for blueberry lovers. You get the spot-on taste of soft doughnut smothered in sweet blueberry icing when vaping this e-juice. …

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Circus’ Cooler E-Liquid Review

Puff Vapors is an e-juice maker based in Las Vegas, Nevada. This company is known for making high-quality vape juices at very affordable prices. Puff Vapors is behind many top e-juice lines on the market. One of the e-juice lines from Puff Vapors is Circus. The company has other vape …

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Tsunami E-Liquid by Havoc Juice Review

A tsunami is a terrible event with catastrophic effects. But Tsunami by Havoc Juice is an entirely different thing. This e-liquid has a delicious, tropical flavor. It will remind you of sitting at the beach in Hawaii enjoying a blend of exotic fruits. It will remind you of the popular POG …

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Havoc Juice Co. Firestorm E-Liquid Review

Havoc Juice has been around for quite some time. This company makes some of the best vape liquids on the market. The company has a wide collection of e-liquids under different lines. One of the e-juices from Havoc Juice that is getting a lot of buzz right now is Firestorm E-liquid. …

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Seven 17.5ml Bottles ~ 122.5ml Premium Pack for $18!

Seven Flavors – Seven Chakras. The perfect delightful package composition with tasteful clarity that is Rich, Smooth, and Creamy… Taste the delicate notes of decadence!! Choose seven of any of our twenty-one flavors. You might find that it is hard to put the ecigarette down with this flavorful symphony of astonishment. Seven …

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