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Tips For Making Vape Juice

Electronic fag e-fluid (or sometimes e-juice) is a straightforward blend of a sordid (by and large vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG), nicotine additive(s) and with discretionary added substances. Most premade e-fluids retail at about $15 for 30ml, however with these guidelines and this mini-computer, youll be headed to …

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Brewing Your Own Vaping E-Liquid At Home

Using a personal vaporizer is one of the most popular new pastimes of the twenty-first century. Orginially developed as an aid for those who want to quit smoking, personal vaporizers have exploded into a pastime in their own right. Between the countless different kinds of vaping hardware and the thousands …

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The Best Flavors For DIY E-Juice

Best DIY E-Liquid Flavors E-juice makers around the world are going to have specific requirements as to which flavor they wish to put together. It is difficult to pick the right choice and then source these ingredients from the proper supplier. To ensure this process does not become taxing, it …

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Mixed Flavors

Mixed e-juice flavors cover everything besides tobacco and fruits. The options with my preferred brand, V2 Cigs, are peppermint, chocolate, coffee, vanilla and cola. Personally, I think these e-juice flavors sound absolutely gross beyond measure. Like a true smoker, I prefer a tobacco flavor. Still, if you want to try something …

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Vapesox Juice PouchIf you don’t know about Vapesox, they’re a Made in America company that supplies some of the best vape cases on the market. Mechanical mod cases, box mod cases, you name it. Today we’re looking at the Vapesox Juice Pouch. This really is a product you have to …

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