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We look at the best e-juice flavors, brands & vendors on the vaping market. Want to find the best all day vape, then take a look at our list of

Cool Green E-liquid By Vape Moar Review

If menthol flavored e-liquids are your thing, then there is a high probability that you will relish the taste and aroma of Cool Green. This premium e-juice is a one of a kind icy menthol blend. Cool Green is manufactured by Vape Moar Eliquids, a US-based vaping company which produces …

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Broke Dick Prepaid Review

There are several e-liquids from Broke Dick on the market today. All their products are made from exquisite ingredients which make it the best tasting vape juice. Prepaid is One of the company’s products. It has the real flavor of blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, and a hint of luscious watermelon. You …

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Brokedick e liquid Water Cup (120ml) review

Although the mastermind behind Broke Dick -Richard Broke has been a large part of the vaping scene for quite some time, the juice company is a fairly new addition to the vaping community. Broke Dick has consistently demonstrated they have some of the finest skills in the business when it …

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