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Brokedick e liquid Water Cup (120ml) review

Although the mastermind behind Broke Dick -Richard Broke has been a large part of the vaping scene for quite some time, the juice company is a fairly new addition to the vaping community. Broke Dick has consistently demonstrated they have some of the finest skills in the business when it comes to fruity, dessert and candy style vapes. Their Payday (120ml) is far and away my personal favorite creamy flavored e-liquid, and very close to the top of my “all-time favorites” list..

Pack Contains

  • Plastic 120ml bottle filled with Cash Advance E-liquid
  • Child-proof and tamper-evident bottle with leak-free filling tip
  • PG/VG eliquid blend with premium Water Cup Fruit Punch flavourings
  • Pharmaceutical grade nicotine (strength to order)
  • Can be used with all types of refillable electronic cigarette or personal vaping devices (PVD)
  • Nicotine Guidance
    0% Just for enjoyment. Zero nicotine
    0.3% For dripping or very light smokers
    0.6% Smokers of 10 light strength cigarettes a day
  • Blend Guidance
    30% PG Increased throat hit with slightly less vapour
    70% VG Increased vapour with slightly less throat hit

* These are provided as a guide only

I was eager to sample and the product, and after a brief discussion with the man behind Broke Dick-Richard Broke , the product was on it’s way. After arriving and completing my usual steeping process, I dove right in, beginning with Water Cup (120ml) . It’s not uncommon for me to start with a Fruit mix based flavor when I receive juice from a popular vendor. Not only are they almost always included in the samples that are sent, I find they are usually a good measure of the skill set that a particular juice mixer possesses. Like the other juice I’ve tasted from Broke Dick, Water Cup  is a veritable fruit flavor explosion, with the lush, sweet flavors compounded, one on top of the other, to create another big, berry profile from the guys who seem to do the candied, fruity vapes like no one else. The components are fairly simple, a very realistic mix fruit flavor, is the dominating berry flavor in the mix, although not by much. That’s backed-up by a even mix of a sweet strawberry, and a good dose of a the oft-used orange-pineapple flavor. The combination seems simple enough, and really it is, like something you might expect from a pack with so many fruit flavors but the final product is far greater than the sum of it’s parts.

Reviews and tasting notes for flavors:

The first is quite clearly the anticipated Strawberry, Blueberry & Raspberry a sweet juice cantaloupe to be precise, that works extremely well with the sweet and slightly tart Orange.The Berry flavors are big, bold, and in-your-face, yet at the same time, it doesn’t come off as cloyingly sweet. There’s certainly something to be said for the softer, more subtle flavors, but with a sparkling clean base liquid, and flavors with so much depth and intensity, there’s just no reason to hold back, and Broke Dick unleashes enormous, audacious amounts of flavor in every vape of Water Cup (120ml).

I don’t usually do very much research before getting started on a review, instead relying on my palate to tell me what’s inside, and I was a bit surprised to discover that, while there certainly is some excellent fruit mix in this vape, the most noticeable flavor is a very impressive sweet, natural berry flavor that presents immediately on the inhale.

At a glance, the flavors appear seamlessly intertwined creating a singular berry punch like profile that seems to strike all the right chords. That being said, if you sit down with it and pick this one apart, berry by berry, it’s not exceptionally difficult to pull out the individual flavors; there are some obvious notes of blackberry on the front end of the vape with a sweet jam/jelly like strawberry behind that.
While the berry seems to dominate (ever so slightly), there are two other flavors present in the mix that seamlessly blend in to the profile lending the juice some depth and character. Orange & Pineapple.

The most notable part of the front side, other than the sweet, natural flavors, is that the mix of berry is wholly devoid of the fresh fruit-like note that often accompanies that particular flavor. The exhale is dominated by a sweet, natural red raspberry with the deeper orange & pineapple blends remaining persistent through the long, sweet & sour finish.

The final flavor in the blend is a little harder to pin down, but after almost two solid days of vaping this juice, I’m fairly confident that it’s Pineapple, which lends the juice an additional tropical Pineapple like quality, as well a subtle earthy, almost musky note adding further depth and a greater sense of balance.

The Fruit Mix flavor was intended to function as my yard stick so to speak. Almost four years ago, when I picked my very first e-cigs, a kanger mini vod and a iStick, I went through a lot of the Fruit Mix e-juice so I figured I’d know right off the bat if this was an entirely new product or a simple rebranding of the Dekang. From the very first taste, it was clear, this is not rebranded. While the ability to handle extreme wattage doesn’t necessarily indicate premium quality juice, it does speak highly of the mixer, and while this juice performs very well at lower wattage, I spent the majority of my time with it north of 12w, or 5.5v on a 2.5Ω atomizer to be precise. This yielded the intense tropical goodness, mild throat hit, and plumes of sweet, juicy vapor.   The additional heat caused by chain vaping (this juice is hard to put down) can cause a slight degradation of flavor and lead to mildly off putting note, presumably from the strawberry component.If you can manage to restrain yourself and not let it get too hot, the juice does fine in a sub-Ω environment, producing the same sweet flavors, with the anticipated increase in both throat hit and vapor production.

The overall picture this juice paints is a well balanced mix of bright berries with the deeper orange (and a light hint of pineapple) acting as a backdrop to further enhance the brighter berries. While there is some acidity present from the raspberry, there is not enough to cut through the sweetness. Interestingly, I don’t find myself missing it with this particular berry mix which is nicely balanced already with the high red tones alongside the orange and pineapples.The flavor is clean, fruity, and downright tasty with a sweet and sour ratio that leans a bit more towards to sour side of spectrum, but not in a lip-puckering fashion.I found a fairly warm sweet spot, particularly for such a fruit punch which is cool enough to keep all the flavors in check, while providing a moderate throat hit and a very nice plume of vapor.

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