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E-Liquids can be referred to as various different things: e-juice, vape juice, e-cig juice, e-cigarette liquid or as it’s most commonly known as, e-liquid. E-Juices come in many different flavours. The most common flavours are tobacco and menthol but there are hundreds of others to choose from. My brother and I prefer the sweet fruity flavours, with watermelon being our favourite e-juice flavour. Some firms will now let you create your own custom blend e-liquids.


E-liquid is made up of four main ingredients, propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), Nicotine and flavourings. Whilst all have been cleared for consumption for the FDA, there is little testing on how these ingredients react with our bodies when inhaled. Studies have proven the toxins found in e-cigarette vapor are many times less toxic than normal cigarette smoke. Despite this there were levels of formaldehyde, a known carcinogen, found in e-cig vapor, albeit 9 times less than in a normal cigarette. Please do bear this in mind when vaping, that whilst better than smoking, vaping is still not completely harmless and hence we don’t recommend vaping to anyone who doesn’t usually smoke.


If you want to learn more about the ingredients make up e-liquids and how differing levels of PG and VG affect your vaping, head over to our in depth PG vs VG article.


When my brother and I vape, we like to make sure we are using the best quality e-liquid possible. As you are inhaling e-liquid into your lungs, we think it is of utmost importance that you reduce the possibility of damaging your health. We don’t want to risk using cheap e-liquids off Ebay or Alibaba that have come from god knows where and contains god knows what ingredients. We want to be using e-liquids produced under clinical conditions in a lab and e-liquids that have afterwards undergone rigorous testing. We therefore only stick to big brands that we trust and would suggest you do so as well.


On this page we will be bringing you all our favourite e-liquid brands. It will be an on going process and new e-liquid reviews will be added every week or every other week. If you have a particular eliquid that you want reviewing let us know and we can try and get some and do a review. We will also be doing video reviews on our Youtube channel as well as written e-liquid reviews.


What factors go into our e-liquid reviews?


  • Taste
  • Price
  • Choice of Nicotine Levels: Are there many nicotine options to choose from?
  • Choice of Flavours
  • Vapor Production
  • Throat Hit
  • Packaging: Is it easy to pour? Are there a child lock? Aesthetics
  • Quality of Ingredients

We combine these factors to give you a score out of 10.

Below you can find some of the e-liquids we have reviewed so far.