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The Ultimate DIY E-Juice Guide

First of all, only enthusiastic vapers actually go this extra mile in vaping. So if you are already considering DIYing your own vape juice then it means you are looking for a whole lot more than what regular vape liquid recipes can offer. DIY vape juice simply means you will …

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Grapefruit Orange E-Liquid by Twisted Chill Review

Grapefruit Orange by Twisted Chill is a blend of grapefruit and blood orange flavor. This e-liquid has a rich, natural taste that will remind you of sipping on a citrus cocktail. Grapefruit Orange does not taste artificial even when you turn up the wattage. This vape juice is perfect for …

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Green Apple by Cali Pods Review

Cali Pods produces some of the finest vape pods on the market. In case you are new to pre-filled pod systems, they are non-refillable packs of e-liquid. One of the main perks of pre-filled pods is that you do not have to fill it with e-liquids. Also, they are convenient …

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Seven 17.5ml Bottles ~ 122.5ml Premium Pack for $18!

Seven Flavors – Seven Chakras. The perfect delightful package composition with tasteful clarity that is Rich, Smooth, and Creamy… Taste the delicate notes of decadence!! Choose seven of any of our twenty-one flavors. You might find that it is hard to put the ecigarette down with this flavorful symphony of astonishment. Seven …

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Bird Brains E-Liquid by Cuttwood Review

Bird Brains is another lovely e-liquid from Cuttwood. This e-juice is a cereal milk blend that tastes just like Fruit Loops. This is among the most spot-on fruity cereal e-liquid blends that you will find on the market today. Bird Brains is one of the e-liquids with a bold flavor …

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