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American e-Liquid Store Green Apple

After a less than a spectacular collection of reviews from American e-Liquid Store, the series of AELS reviews is being wrapped up with the final flavor they submitted for review, Green Apple. While I didn’t consciously save this flavor for last, I figured it was an easy flavor to mix, one that was relatively straightforward and one I assumed would be just like almost every green apple flavor I’ve sampled in the past, right, like a green apple jolly rancher, and I was more interested in their complex, multi-noted flavors. Nevertheless, after exhausting the rest of the juice they sent over, I opened the bottle of Green Apple after well over a month of steping, grabbed a fresh, clean atomizer, and began dripping.

The juice immediately surprised me; it’s not the sour green apple candy flavor I’ve had so many times before and will have so much more times over the course of these reviews. This one is different, strikingly different from the standard sour apple flavors I commonly receive. It has a more natural quality to it and while it’s not perfect, it a very long way from bad. The juice opens up with an odd note that is almost reminiscent of a bubble gum type of sweetness but strangely chemical in nature.

It’s not bitter or overly medicinal, but it’s not 100% “right” either. The exhale also has a bit of that same off flavor, something that has been a recurring theme in the AELS reviews, so perhaps it’s coming from their base PG, VG, or nicotine. Whatever it is, it doesn’t belong in the mix, but with this particular flavor, it’s not as loud or disconcerting as it has been with some of their other juice. Where this juice shines is midway through the exhale and into the long finish which bears a striking resemblance to the genuine article incorporating a sweet juicy Granny Smith flavor, a nice level of acidity, and at the very tail end of the finish, a remarkably realistic apple skin flavor.

Overall this one is interesting and one of the most authentic green apple flavors I’ve had, but it does have that odd bubblegum note as well as the off flavor that has infiltrated all of the AELS juice that I’ve reviewed, to one degree or another. I preferred vaping this juice just short of 10.5w or 5.1v on a 2.5O atomizer which helped to lessen the off flavors while enhancing the natural apple notes, as well as producing a good solid throat hit and sizable clouds of vapor.

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