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American e-Liquid Store Blackberry Champagne

PG/VG- 50/50

When I was first contacted by American e-Liquid about reviewing some of their juice, I sent over my usual vendor submission info, spent a few minutes looking over their site, and quickly got back to work without much thought. When the bottles arrived a few days later, I was a little bit impressed at the professional looking labels, but I set it aside to steep as I do with every bottle that comes in for review.

After the juice had some time to steep, I decided to begin with their Blackberry Champagne flavor, a combination I hadn’t reviewed before from any vendor. I have however, had a few blackberry e-liquids along my vaping journey and they have all been plagued by an unfortunate floral overtone, particularly on the finish.

The root of the issue really comes down to the most commonly used blackberry flavor concentrate, and it’s faults rather than this or any other single vendor. While American e-liquid has cleverly camouflaged the floral note of the blackberry using a bit of champagne concentrate, two flavors that play quite well with each other, it’s simply not enough to completely obliterate the off, floral perfume-y overtone.

Other than that qualm, this juice is very good with a downright juicy berry flavor that has good depth of character, a good sweet fruity flavor, and a mild note of acidity. The champagne acts as an undertone to the blackberry adding a bit more complexity and character, but is closer in quality to a bottle of Asti Spumante than Vueve Cliquot.

If you’re able to look past the woodsy, floral notes, this juice has a lot going for it, including a fairly high tolerance to higher wattage. I liked it just under 10.5 watts or 5.1v on a 2.5O atomizer which stifled the off tones of the blackberry as much as possible, (but again, not completely) while still permitting the bright berry flavors to shine through. The throat hit is solid, but smooth with the 50/50 blend emitting voluminous clouds of vapor.

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