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Ahlusion Sweet Surrender

PG/VG- 70/30

The master blenders at Ahlusion have created one of the most interesting e-liquids I’ve ever had the pleasure of reviewing. The flavors are so seamlessly entwined; it’s hard to identify exactly what they are. The overall components are sweet fruits with a slight tartness and a creaminess that is downright extraordinary.

The creamy flavor and mouthfeel of the vape is the most dominant aspect of the juice and it’s absolutely remarkable how closely it resembles eating a big spoonful of freshly whipped cream. There is a hint of coconut backing up that rich creaminess adding another dimension of flavor and creating a rich, decadent vapor that will almost make you forget you’re not actually eating anything. The fruity flavors are a bit hard to pin down. There seems to be elements of peach, some type of berry, and maybe even a touch of banana, but with flavors interwoven as tightly as these, it’s extremely difficult to pick up on any one distinctive characteristic. Normally, I find that this blending of flavors yields a very basic, generic fruit flavor.

However, in this case, the flavors all come together to create a perfect backdrop for the cream and coconut, contributing notes of acidity and sweetness that create a sophisticated, well balanced dessert vape that is incomparable to anything I’ve reviewed up to this point. Combine all that with a great throat hit and plumes of sweet, sweet vapor, and it all adds up to a perfect score.


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